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There are many alternative private loans. Before applying for these private loans try to get as much financial aid through grants, scholarships, and federal loans. If you decide to get a private loan make sure you can meet the repayment terms. Loan websites: (through Citi Inc.) Keep in mind these are only a few of the many websites out there. 8

Scholarships Scholarships are another form of financial aid. It is free money for you to further your education. Scholarships are given to someone who meets a certain criteria necessary to obtain it. Scholarship websites: *There are tons of scholarships out there at the national level. They are much more competitive and it takes a little more work finding the ones that apply to you. Since they are so competitive there will be a list provided on local scholarships for adults going back to school are eligible for. These scholarships may be school, degree, or county specific. Most schools have other external scholarships that as a student you could apply for. You could find these by going on their website or contacting the Financial Aid Office. 9

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