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UK statement on sustainable palm oil final progress report


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een used by fuel suppliers and blenders in any of the biodiesel supplied on to the ong>UKong> market. In the first year of the RTFO, 2008/2009, 10% of biodiesel put onto the ong>UKong> market was made from palm oil, so the entire transport fuels sector has surpassed the commitment to source sustainable palm oil since then. Biofuels continue to be required to meet mandatory sustainability criteria in order to count towards the ong>UKong>’s renewable energy targets and feedstock sources are closely monitored via obligatory reporting to the Department for Transport. The transport sector has therefore been sourcing sustainable palm oil since the start of the ong>UKong> Commitment and will continue to do so for all biofuels feedstock in line with ong>UKong> law. In the power and heat sectors the use of bioliquids from palm oil is nil. In both sectors, as in the transport sectors, strict sustainability rules apply. Seed Crushers and Oil Processors’ Association (SCOPA) SCOPA is the trade association for companies engaged in oilseed extraction and oil/fat processing in the United Kingdom. SCOPA refiner members have been in the position to supply 100% CSPO since 2012. SCOPA has welcomed the ong>UKong> Statement and are pleased to have met the growing demand for CSPO. SCOPA members are all large multinational companies and long-standing RSPO members and their individual global and national commitments and progress have been publicly stated. The challenges continue to be poor demand from some sectors, and securing certified sustainable supplies of palm kernel oil and fractions, although there has been significant progress with these products. Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) The SRA is an organisation whose membership represents a broad spectrum of the hospitality industry including independent restaurants, groups and chains, contract caterers, universities, retail centres, train & aviation caterers, all united in their commitment to sustainability. The SRA currently provides members with a factsheet on purchasing sustainable palm oil products and researches alternative suppliers of sustainable palm oil for member restaurants. The SRA encourages and assists restaurants to produce sustainable palm oil sourcing policies and to promote their intentions and actions for sustainable palm oil sourcing to their customers, suppliers and fellow restaurants. The SRA feels there are a number of challenges for it being able to report on its progress and as a “small not-for-profit” organisation there is a limited amount of time the SRA can put into activities that are not core to its membership. Furthermore, the SRA considers that 10

it can only represent its current members and cannot speak for the whole of the hospitality industry and so is limited in the scope of its reporting. The SRA have further developed their “Food Made Good” programme, launched in 2015, which provides members with an opportunity to engage on industry specific projects, including palm oil audits. Future work includes new monthly campaigns with selected sustainability themes and calls to action, where both members and non-members will be able to participate. ong>UKong> Cleaning Products Industry Association (ong>UKong>CPI) The ong>UKong>CPI is the leading trade association representing ong>UKong> producers of washing powders and liquids, fabric conditioners, bar soaps, hand and machine dish wash, household disinfectants, air care and polishes and specialist cleaners for use in kitchens and bathrooms. It also represents the interests of the institutional and industrial cleaning sector whose cleaning and hygiene products are used in hospitals, schools, care homes and catering environments. The majority of ong>UKong>CPI members are already long standing members of the RSPO. The preferred definition of sustainability for the cleaning products sector is use of one of the four supply chain mechanisms that are approved by the RSPO, i.e. physical purchase of identity preserved, segregated, or mass balance CSPO and purchase of GreenPalm certificates via the Book and Claim scheme. Some members all are already sourcing 100% via RSPO criteria. In addition, some companies are also implementing measures to ensure sources of palm oil and palm kernel oil are certified fully traceable and do not contribute to deforestation. Given the complexity of the palm oil supply chain a target date of 2020 is envisaged for this latter commitment. ong>UKong> government The ong>UKong> government worked closely with CPET up till the end of March 2016. During that time it continued to run the palm oil support service to advise government procurers, suppliers to government and other priority sectors, (hospitality, animal feed, small and medium sized enterprises) on the procurement of sustainable palm oil 3 . Additionally CPET held workshops for government departments in December 2015 and a workshop in February 2016 on compliance with the timber procurement policy and sourcing of sustainable palm oil. CPET also published a special newsletter to provide information and guidance to businesses and government departments on sourcing baked goods and prepared foods made with sustainable palm oil and palm kernel oil and their derivatives. 3 11

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