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had made a representation, he or she would have the right to attend a meeting of the Scrutiny Committee to speak to the representation. If anyone else had made a representation, he or she would be able to attend to speak if invited to do so by the Scrutiny Committee. 103. We would encourage members of the General Synod to consider the suggestions we have made in our illustrative draft standing orders and if they have any particular observations or suggestions to send them to the Standing Orders Committee. Charles George Chairman of the Revision Committee January 2017 14

APPENDIX I SUMMARY OF PROPOSED AMENDMENTS AND THE COMMITTEE’S DECISIONS * = attended the Revision Committee meeting and spoke to their submission under Standing Order 53(b) Clause in original draft Measure Name Summary of proposal Committee’s decision (GS 2027) 1(2) Ms Debrah McIsaac (Salisbury) 1(2) The Revd Christopher Smith (London)* 1(2) Mr Clive Scowen (London) 1(2) Members of Revision Committee Replace “administrative inconvenience” with “an administrative impossibility or disproportionate inconvenience”; and refer to “a significant obstacle to efficiency”. Define “burden” more narrowly: perhaps by reference to proportionality. Define “burden” more narrowly: perhaps by reference to proportionality. Qualify “burden” as being “excessive”. Rejected. Rejected. Rejected. Rejected. 1(3) Steering Committee Narrow definition of “ecclesiastical legislation” in relation to Acts of Parliament. Accepted. 1(3) Ms Debrah McIsaac (Salisbury) 1(4) Members of Revision Committee 1(5) Ms Debrah McIsaac (Salisbury) Exempt all future Measures from amendment by order, unless expressly provided for. Drafting amendment to clause 1(4) for clarity. Remove clause 1(5)(a)/reference to “a function of legislating”. Rejected. Accepted. Rejected. 2(1)(a) & (b) Ms Debrah McIsaac (Salisbury) Clarify reference to “the policy objective”. Partly accepted. 2 The Revd Christopher Smith (London)* Consider circumscribing the ordermaking power more tightly. Partly accepted. 15

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