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Glamour USA – January 2017

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BACKGROUND: ISTOCKPHOTO/GETTY IMAGES. KARLSSON: MONICA SCHIPPER/GETTY IMAGES. PARTY PURSE: JOSEPHINE SCHIELE. QUANN AND TK WONDER: BEN ROSSER/BFA/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK. ILLUSTRATIONS: TANIA GUERRA How to Make the Perfect Party Guacamole When Adam Kenworthy isn’t doing cameos as Carole Radziwill’s boyfriend on The Real Housewives of New York City, the chef (seen on page 70) is busy whipping up his “crowd-pleaser” appetizer: tostones and guacamole. “It reminds me of my days surfing in Latin America,” he says. Same…? 1 tbsp. coconut oil 2 green plantains 2 fresh avocados 1 tomato 1 /4 red onion 1 /2 jalapeno ˜ 2 tbsp. cilantro Juice of 12 limes Tostones: Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Slice plantains as thick as your fingertip and brown 3 to 5 minutes per side. Remove from pan and mash flat with bottom of a drinking glass. Season with salt and pepper, then return to pan and cook 3 minutes more per side. Guacamole: Scoop avocados into a bowl, mash, and mix in finely chopped tomato, red onion, cilantro, and jalapeño. Add lime juice and salt to taste. Spoon onto tostones. Blow people’s minds. How to Move (or at Least Talk) Like TALKIN’ PARTIES with Cipriana Quann& TK Wonder The Urban Bush Babes (seen on page 69) tell it like it is. GLAMOUR: What’s your number-one piece of hosting advice? CIPRIANA QUANN: Don’t overplan, because when things are too rigid, nothing ever goes right. Oh, and don’t make people take off their shoes. TK WONDER: It’s the worst when you show up like, “Honey, I got my right shoes on,” and the host is like, “No shoes.” GLAMOUR: What do you consider to be the ultimate party foul? TK WONDER: Looking around to see who else is there. CIPRIANA: Don’t be concerned about [networking]…. Just talk to good people, regardless of their position. —Kate Branch MELA MURDER & KANER FLEX A handy picto-glossary to all things flex—the contortion-heavy rhythmic dance that originated in Brooklyn dance halls—courtesy of the dancing duo (seen on page 81) Bone-Breaking A name for hyperfocused moves like the jump rope, the dead arm, and, shown at left, shoulder dislocations. “It’s an illusion,” says Murder, who has toured with Major Lazer. “Obviously we’re not actually breaking our bones.” Connects When your own hands—or your and a partner’s hands—line up to “create shapes and lines,” says Flex, whom you may recognize from Calvin Klein’s spring 2016 campaign with FKA Twigs. TK Wonder, left, and Cipriana Head Tops A cooler name for headstands. Even when pregnant (five months at the time of our shoot), Murder calls the inversion “so comfortable.” —K.B. 95

Hey, Soo Joo and Emily: Would you wear the shoot’s extreme beauty IRL? “I love this orange-red wig so much I actually sent a picture to my agent. I always like the cool factor—hair is just one way to express that.” —Soo Joo Park “No, but it is fun to get into character. Every time we change, we’re a different person. Like, I know who this person is! I’ve seen her at a party.” —Emily DiDonato TALKIN’ PARTIES with Mr. Robot actor and artist Joey Bada$$ (seen on page 75) GLAMOUR: What’s your favorite look for a night on the town? JOEY BADA$$: I like comfort, for sure. But if I’m going out to a party, I’ve probably got on some real heavy-duty biker jeans or cargoes with combat boots and an oversize hoodie. GLAMOUR: You don’t get sweaty like that? JB: I don’t really trip about sweating. As long as I’m feeling myself, I set the temperature. 11 Songs That Will Make Anyone Dance, Courtesy of the DJ Duo THE DOLLS (seen on page 81) The No-Frills NEGRONI Bon Appétit boss Adam Rapoport (seen on page 84) shares the recipe for a cocktail that “absolutely anyone can make because it’s so easy.” ADAM’S PARTY TIP 1 part gin 1 part Campari 1 part sweet vermouth Pour ingredients into an old-fashioned glass with lots of ice and an orange twist. Or, if you wanna get all fancy with it, pour the booze into a shaker with lots of ice, shake, and strain into a coupe or martini glass. “Always invite more people than you think. Half the people who say they’re going to come to a party aren’t going to come.” Fade Kanye West Not Above Love AlunaGeorge Cranes in the Sky Solange Blended Family (What You Do for Love) Alicia Keys feat. A$AP Rocky No Problem Chance the Rapper feat. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz Woman Diana Gordon As Crazy As It Is ZHU, A-Trak, and Keznamdi Shakedown Equal feat. Seja The Greatest Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar Habib Galbi A-WA Sexual NEIKED feat. Dyo BACKGROUND: ISTOCKPHOTO/GETTY IMAGES. PARK AND DIDONATO: RICHARD BLANDINO. THE DOLLS: MADISON MCGAW/BFA/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK. NEGRONI: ISTOCKPHOTO/GETTY IMAGES. LIL BUCK: CAMI ZAPATA/BFA/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK. GOLDENDOODLES: JUSTINE HARMAN. TAYLO R: MIGUEL REVERIEGO 96