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Lauren Granite, Ph.D.

Lauren Granite, Ph.D. Redefining Holocaust Education: CENTROPA as a Resource for the 21 st Century

“Dr. Granite, Dr. Granite – the weirdest thing happened.” Sam, a student in my 10 th grade Holocaust Honors class, had just returned from a week in Moscow on a student exchange program with another Jewish school. “How was your trip, Sam?” I asked. “You won’t believe it,” he said excitedly. “It was so weird. We were rushing to catch a shuttle bus to our connecting flight in the Frankfurt airport, and one of the airport workers in a uniform said to us, ‘Schnell! Schnell!’” Sam shuddered. “It was so creepy.” Even as I told Sam that schnell merely means “fast,” or “quickly,” in German, deep down I registered dismay: for this bright, educated student, the German language did not belong to Hesse, Goethe, Kafka, or even Freud, but only to Hitler, Himmler, and Goebbels. His primary frame of reference for Germany was the Nazis. True, he was currently studying the Holocaust, and, as an American, the films and documentaries he had seen on television and in movie theaters depict Germans almost exclusively as Nazis, so the connection was an obvious one for him. In addition, as a Jewish teen, Holocaust history had special resonance for him. At the same time, it seemed to me that if, in 113 HOLOCAUST EDUCATION IN PEDAGOGY, HISTORY, AND PRACTICE

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