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INTRODUCTION Carson Phillips, Ph.D.

A primary goal of this publication is to provide educators and learners, who may have varying levels of knowledge about the Holocaust, with a concise and accessible resource. We are fortunate to be able to share the wealth of expertise offered by the Neuberger’s Holocaust Education Week Educators and Scholars-in-Residence, showcased at our programming over the years. This publication extends the work and expertise offered during Holocaust Education Week to a wider audience and we are grateful to the authors who generously offered their articles for publication. They represent some of the brightest and most innovative educators and academics in the field and we hope that their writing will inspire a deep and enriched learning experience. We extend special thanks to the Ernest (Ernie) Weiss Memorial Fund for the ongoing support offered to this project. Titled, Holocaust Education in Pedagogy, History, and Practice, this publication features a series of ten essays, each of which provides significant opportunities for learning. Categorized thematically, each article reflects and expands upon its section’s heading. The publication opens with three contributions on the pedagogy of teaching the 13 HOLOCAUST EDUCATION IN PEDAGOGY, HISTORY, AND PRACTICE

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