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Carson Phillips, Ph.D. &

Carson Phillips, Ph.D. & Emily Amie Witty, Ed.D. Holocaust Questions From the Field: Real Questions Asked by Real Students

Teaching the Holocaust requires not only encouraging critical thinking skills in our students as well as engaging them in a dynamic approach to historic events; it also involves clarifying myths, as well as anticipating and correcting misconceptions that frequently arise. Not infrequently, unsubstantiated rumours, uninformed opinions, and erroneous assumptions attempt to masquerade as historical fact. Teaching the Holocaust, however, demands that we adhere to historical fact while contextualizing the events for our students. We have encountered some very common misconceptions over our approximately 20 years of individual experience in teaching the Holocaust. As educators of diverse student populations encompassing urban and rural youth; public secular, religious, and separate-gender schools; as well as learners from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, we have assembled some of the most common myths and misconceptions, as well as answers to seemingly basic questions that seem to lead to students’ misconceptions that continue to reverberate across student populations. 121 HOLOCAUST EDUCATION IN PEDAGOGY, HISTORY, AND PRACTICE

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