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Emily Amie Witty, Ed.D.

Emily Amie Witty, Ed.D. Universal and Particular: Teaching the Holocaust as a Jewish Event

In my more than two decades as an educator in both Jewish schools and public schools, and nearly half of that as a Holocaust educator of both students and teachers, I have been struck by the absence of a critical component in many commercial Holocaust education curricula. 1 In many of these programs, Jews do not appear. The topic of antisemitism is 1 The author does not claim to have reviewed every Holocaust curriculum. The purpose of this statement is to describe the issue which this article will attempt to address. Additionally, explanations of “what does it mean to be a Jew” can be found in textbooks, but are often missing in educational materials for students. included and perhaps some chapters even address the Jewish history of the Middle Ages, which include canards of Jews as greedy money lenders and the historically-false accusation that Jews were Christ killers. There is nothing beyond the negative image which then serves as the springboard and segue to the unit on antisemitism. However, Jews, as a people bound by a covenant with God at Sinai 2 , who share a common history, as well as a set of religious beliefs and practices that 2 See Exodus: chapters 19-20 81 HOLOCAUST EDUCATION IN PEDAGOGY, HISTORY, AND PRACTICE

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