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What should the role of

What should the role of a Chief Data Officer look like? Chief Data Officers and executives with equivalent responsibilities are beginning to be appointed to senior roles in both private and public sector organisations. In 2015, the Open Data Institute facilitated a roundtable with senior civil servants and private sector Chief Data Officers, to talk about what the role of a CDO for the public sector might look like, what its responsibilities should be and how it should engage with central and local governments. Participants agreed that the impact from the creation of a CDO would broadly follow two themes: 34 data delivery: developing a cohesive data architecture [a “canonical data model”] for the public sector; improving the consistency of data standards, quality, publication and use by public sector bodies, benefitting both the public and the public sector itself. data policy: providing strategic leadership on key policy questions surrounding the collection and use of data by the public sector, including personal data, data sharing and Open Data. This might be a role with an enforcement aspect, capable of compelling the publication of certain data sets (where there was no legal barrier to their being made available) and requiring adherence to data publishing and maintenance standards. It may also have an ambassadorial element, championing the benefits of better use of data and advocating for investment. Of the portals interviewed, however, only two - the UK and Vienna - currently have Chief Data Officers working alongside them. The owner of the Vienna Data Portal said that Vienna’s Chief Data Officer played a vital role: working within the operational part of Vienna’s ICT-organisation, they support the portal by planning Open Data phases (including which datasets get released) and speaking with departments to help them publish data (see Figure 5). Figure 5: Organisational Structure of Vienna City Council 34 Open Data Institute, 2015, What should a Chief Data Officer Look like for the UK Public Sector? 26

4. Financing All public sector Open Data portals need financing, both for the infrastructure of the portal and maintenance, as well as any outreach, training and support for publishers and re-users of data that is within the scope of the portal’s operations. While the cost of software and hardware continues to fall, the cost is not zero and people operating the portal still need to get paid. There are several factors to consider in a financing model. It needs to: allow the team operating the service and planning its strategy to work with a known budget, and have confidence as to its longevity account for updates and enhancements to the portal, as well as bug fixing give users of the portal (both publishers and re users) confidence that it is to be a sustainable mechanism for accessing Open Data Typically, Open Data portals tend to have less trouble securing financing for design and early development. Securing sustained funding for both maintenance and improvements can be difficult without having a clear funding strategy in place, an understanding of publisher and re-user needs and a stable funding stream. Portal owners can take several measures in order to make portal financing more sustainable, as explained in the recommendations below. Main recommendations to make portal financing more sustainable: Be open about your funding strategy, so that people publishing and accessing data from the portal can identify future needs, use cases and potential funding shortfalls To maximise scope for portal improvements, and reduce the impact of funding cuts, ensure your priorities (training, support for publishers, user engagement) align with those of your funding source(s) Ensure that your own role as portal owner includes responsibility for setting funding strategies and budgets Perform, commission or identify research into the impact of your portal’s current or potential activities, to develop and support a business case for future funding. 27

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