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Annex I - Definitions

Annex I - Definitions Open Data repository: An online data storage/hosting service but with no discovery mechanism. This could be as simple as a web server hosting static files from a single folder, with no additional index or categorisation, except perhaps a 'landing page' for each dataset. Open Data portal: Often used synonymously with ‘Open Data catalogue’, but may provide more advanced discovery functionality to complement conventional browse-style catalogue interfaces. For example, there may be text search over the metadata describing the datasets, or the ability to preview/explore the data itself. Distinctions between ‘Open Data portals’ and ‘catalogues’, and between ‘Open Data portals’ and ‘platforms’ should be considered to be blurred. Open Data catalogue: A curated collection of metadata about datasets. Compared with ‘Open Data repository’, ‘Open Data catalogue’ focuses on the organisation of datasets, while ‘Open Data repository’ refers to the actual data storage. The catalogue would typically be agnostic regarding where the data itself is located: (1) it may all be published on the same web server as the catalogue, i.e. the catalogue contains a data repository, or (2) may be distributed across the web, with the catalogue simply pointing to those remote locations, in which case the catalogue is also referred to as a ‘data aggregator’ or ‘data indexer’. Open Data platform: A piece of software that has implemented the core features to manage Open Data. Those features include, but are not limited to, user management, data publishing, metadata management, dataset storage, access control, search and visualisation, and so on. 72

Annex II – Interview questions The script of questions used in the interviews is copied below. Please note that, while this provided a template for the interviews, interviewers were not restricted to asking only or all of the following questions in each interview. Introduction Are you happy for this conversation being recorded and for approved quotes to be attributed? What is your level of involvement with your Open Data portal? What is the level of Open Data maturity in your country/sector/organisation? What are the main challenges you face with Open Data? How do you expect this to change over time? What measures have you taken to ensure your portal is sustainable? What are the key challenges you face in ensuring your portal is sustainable? ○ How do you expect this to change over time? Governance In your mind, what are the key principles of strategic governance and coordination for Open Data portals? Where does management of the data portal sit in your organisational structure? What are your reasons for setting up a data portal? o Do you have an Open Data policy and what does it say? Are you a data publisher as well as manager of the portal? How do you maintain the reliability of access to data on the portal? Can you enforce publication of certain kinds of data? What are you doing to address the legal aspects, regulations and compliance? o How does that get maintained over time? o What processes do you have in place to ensure the portal runs optimally? o Are there any legal requirements that the portal enables you to satisfy? How would you describe your user community - large/small, active/non-active, developers/civil society? Who are the key stakeholders that should be involved in a portal, and how do you manage their needs? What is the governance model and is there a clear owner? Do you capture and share lessons learned as the portal is developed, launched, and maintained? How? Do you have success metrics? 73

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