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Financing How much

Financing How much has it cost to set up, launch, and maintain your portal? o How does that break down? o What about staff time? Which budget and from which organisations has that come from? o How do you expect the way you fund it to change over the long-term? Are there business models for Open Data portals? What are the medium- and long-term financial implications of those business models? o How do you expect this to change over time? Have you researched the benefits being created by Open Data portals and/or the Open Data they make accessible? Who in the value chain receives those benefits? Architecture What are the technical elements that must be in place for an Open Data portal to be sustainable? What are the strengths and weaknesses of different types of portals (centralised, decentralised, etc.)? What view do you take on linked data? What query time are you aiming for on your site? What is your view on portals storing data? What about portals providing visualisations of data sets? What are the key design decisions you have taken in balancing cost and performance? How many different formats do you provide for downloads (API, csv, etc?) o How do you pick those formats? o Which is most popular? How do you feel about the cloud and hosting? o How do you expect this to change over time? Operations What are the key processes required for the smooth running of a portal? What is the process for bringing new publishers onto the system? o Do you have any non-public sector publishers? Did that method differ? o What training do you provide for publishers? o How is publishing on the Open Data portal built into the processes used by publishers? What is the process for publishing new data on the portal? o How much of it is automated? o How long does it take? o Who can correct errors on the portal, such as broken links or missing metadata? How do they do so? 74

o How do you deal with changes to the data published through the portal? What about changes to the metadata? Can users request data through the portal? What is the relationship between requests for data released via the portal and Freedom of Information requests? How do you maintain the reliability of access to data on the portal? How have the processes you use changed over time? How do you expect them to change in the future? Which of the processes do you wish worked differently? What are the key methods of training and knowledge transfer e.g. documenting and sharing past experiences so others can learn from the mistakes rather than repeating them? ○ How do you expect this to change over time? Automated metrics What do you think are the key measures to keep track of your portal’s performance? What do you capture? How did you decide which metrics to measure? Are there any you would like to capture but can’t? Or ones you think are easy to capture but misleading? Were you aware of the research undertaken by the OpenDataMonitor project? o What do you think of this approach? Closing questions What do you think the future of Open Data portals looks like? Given all that you’ve said, how would you sum up the key factors in making open data portals sustainable? 75

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