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MV Rudra Singha v2

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Itinerary 02: RURAL

Itinerary 02: RURAL COUNTRYSIDE & WILDLIFE MV Rudra Singha can be hired for expedition cruises up to 30 days, which will take you from Guwahati to the upper regions of Assam, bordering Myanmar. For details, contact: Highlights // • Visit Doul Gobinda temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna and an important site for Assamese Hindus; • Go on a leisurely bicycle ride through picturesque, friendly villages; • Track rhinos and wild water buffaloes by jeep safari in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary; • Stay overnight in your private, luxurious cabin and dine on delicious meals prepared by your private chef. 3 3

Preliminary view of cabin as it undergoes further finishing touches Itinerary 03: TEMPLES, TEXTILES AND RHINOS Spend three nights/four days in your comfortable riverboat and sail up and down the Brahmaputra river, checking off the best of Assam’s temples, textiles and wildlife. • Go from home to home in Sualkuchi to learn about Assamese silks; watch in awe as weavers deftly use their handlooms to create beautiful garments; Highlights // • Visit the Umananda and Aswaklanta temples, two important shrines of worship for the local populace that date back to the 18 th century; • Enjoy a bicycle ride through Vijayanagar, a tiny town bustling with activity; • Track rhinos and wild water buffaloes by jeep safari in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary; • Go on a guided walk through old Guwahati’s streets and visit the local museum (closed on Mondays) and emporium; 4 • Explore Sualkuchi – the textile centre of Assam and a charming, rural town – on a bicycle; • Spend four relaxing days onboard your private luxury riverboat. 4

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