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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


A. BIRD PEG BAG £8 24 PEGS FREE B. PEG BASKET AND PEGS £9 New for you Handy peg pocket COMPLETE WITH 50 PEGS A. BIRD PEG BAG WITH 24 FREE PEGS With cute bird design and front pocket. Comes with 24 FREE soft grip pegs. Size H40 x W28cm (15¾ x 11”). 900273-9P £8 B. PEG BASKET AND PEGS White plastic peg basket, complete with 50 colourful pegs. Size of basket (including handle and clip) H29 x W23 x D11.5cm (11½ x 9 x 4½”). 909920-9P £9 C. £5 Make odd socks a thing of the past! D. TORNADO PEGS ONLY £3 .50 PACK OF 50 E. £6 PACK OF 40 PACK OF 12 100 C. SOCK PAIR PEGS Pack of 12 unique pegs, which are perfect for keeping pairs of socks together! Lime green colour. 900265-9P £5 D. TORNADO PEGS These plastic pegs will hold your clothes tight on the line no matter how windy it is. Pack of 50. 729523-9P £3.50 E. SOFT-GRIP PEGS Pack of 40 in 4 bright colours. Soft yet strong grip will keep your washing secure to the line. 791040-9P £6

BREEZE through your laundry F. ROTARY LINE COVER Clip fastening for the line LAUNDRY ONLY £7 BEFORE F. ROTARY LINE COVER Protects parasols and rotary lines from the elements. Polypropylene. Size L154 x W27cm (60½ x 10½”). 021253-9P £7 ✔ Strong ✔ Tear- Resistant AFTER H. TELESCOPIC CLOTHES PROP ONLY £8 EXTENDS FROM 126 TO 232CM G. £15 ✔ Features a spring loaded reel ✔ Simple to secure to a wall or fence post ✔ Holds up to 10kgs of laundry G. RETRACTABLE WASHING LINE Line can be locked at any length up to 15m (49ft 2”). Fixings supplied. 053341-9P £15 Line locks at any length up to 15m H. TELESCOPIC CLOTHES PROP Retracts to make collecting laundry easy. Height: 126 - 232cm (4ft 1” -- 7ft 6”). 053333-9P £8 Anti-slide bottom FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 101