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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Household CLEANING

Household CLEANING ESSENTIALS from £3 A. DRAIN PLUG ONLY £3 B. UNIVERSAL PLUG ONLY £4 .50 New for you A. DRAIN PLUG Fits all standard bath tubs or sinks, simply push the centre of the plug to drain the water. The rubber material makes a seal to ensure no water trickles away when closed. Diam. 6.5cm (2½”). 062146-9P £3 B. UNIVERSAL PLUG Provides a watertight seal. Simply place over the plug hole. No chain needed. Fits all standard bath tub drains and sinks. Made from food-safe silicone. Diam. 11cm (4¼”). 909653-9P £4.50 Integral handle for easy removal C. SILICONE SINK STRAINER ONLY £4 .50 Simply place over the plug hole... catch all leftovers EXTRA LONG GLOVES A pretty perfect way to protect your sleeves ONLY £5 D. C. SILICONE SINK STRAINER Flexible silicone filter keeps your sink free of blockages. Diam. 12cm (4¾”). 909645-9P £4.50 New for you D. FLOWER KITCHEN GLOVES These pretty-in-pink flowered rubber gloves will make washing up that much more stylish. The 39cm (15¼”) long gloves are extra long to protect your sleeves. One size fits all. 790818-9P £5 10

E. SUCTION PAD DISH BRUSH £4 F. SILICONE DISH BRUSH ONLY £7 New for you CLEAN & PROTECT E. SUCTION PAD DISH BRUSH Hard-wearing plastic dish brush with rubber grip and suction pad to base. Allows washingup residue to drip, preventing bacteria growth on bristles. L27 x W7cm (10½ x 3”). 759783-9P £4 Handy suction pad Self-cleaning silicone bristles F. SILICONE DISH BRUSH Self-cleaning dish brush for maximum hygiene! The special anti-stick effect of the silicone prevents stubborn residue from clinging to the brush. L30.5 x W6cm (12 x 2¼”). 909661-9P £7 Hygienic and clean G. SUCTION CUP SPONGES ONLY £4 PACK OF 3 Curved brush Remove stubborn, burnt-on food from your grill Grill scraper H. GRILL BRUSH WITH SCRAPER £5 G. SUCTION CUP SPONGES Pack of 3 foam sponges with abrasive top, complete with handy rubber suction cup. Your sponges won’t sit in their washing-up residue any more! 759775-9P £4 Suction holder H. GRILL BRUSH WITH SCRAPER Hard brush for thorough cleaning. Curved brush design is ideal for cleaning grills, complete with scraper for removing stubborn grime. L17 x H3 x x D3cm (6¾ x 1¼ x 1¼”). 759759-9P £5 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 11