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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Magnets provide relief

Magnets provide relief from ACHES AND PAINS A. MAGNETIC COPPER BANGLE £16 New for you B. EARRING RACK £12 A. MAGNETIC COPPER BANGLE* Copper bracelets have been used for many centuries and are believed to reduce arthritis, muscle and joint pain. Features 6 built-in magnets and a classic design. One size fits all as bracelet is adjustable; simply bend into desired size. Made from copper. 911046-9P £16 New for you B. EARRINGS RACK The ideal solution for storing your earrings neatly. Holds up to 48 pairs. Size H18 x W15.6 x D6.5cm (7 x 6 x 2½”). Made from plastic. 911054-9P £12 C. Men’s Men’s E. JEWELLERY CLEANER C/D. £12 EACH Ladies’ E. C. MEN’S MAGNETIC BRACELET* With 7 built-in magnets (800 gauss each). Nickel -free. Size L21.2 x W1.2cm (8¼ x ½”). 086070-9P £12 ONLY £4 .50 Before D. LADIES’ MAGNETIC BRACELET* With 5 built-in magnets (800 gauss each). Nickel-free. Size L17.6 x W1.2cm (7 x ½”). 086029-9P £12 D. Ladies’ E. JEWELLERY CLEANER Safe to use on opal, coral, onyx and turquoise. 200ml. £22.50 per litre. 078921-9P £4.50 After 110 *Please note: Pacemakers may be affected by magnetic products.

F. RING SNUGS PACK OF 10 F. RING SNUGS Pack of 10 clear plastic ring snugs. Simply snap on to your rings for a perfect fit. Each snug measures 1cm (½”) wide. Made from PVC. 013811-9P £4 ONLY £4 Helps make loose rings fit perfectly Ears not pierced? NO PROBLEM! H. EARRING CONVERTERS £12 PACK OF 8 INCLUDES 2 pairs x silver colour and 2 pairs x gold colour clips CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES G. BRACELET FITTER ONLY £6 G. BRACELET FITTER Designed for fitting bracelets more easily - the peg holds one end, allowing you to attach the other end with ease. Size H12 x W10.5cm (4¾ x 4¼”). Made from plastic. 013617-9P £6 J. MAGNETIC NECKLACE CLASPS* Turn fiddly necklace clasps into an easy magnet fastening. Set of 2, one in gold colour and one in silver colour. Length 1cm (½”). Made from alloy. 005487-9P £7 J. £7 SET OF 2 H. EARRING CONVERTERS A quick and easy way to convert pierced earrings to clip-on earrings. Pack contains 2 pairs of gold colour and 2 pairs of silver colour. Size of each 1.8 x 0.8cm (¾ x ¼”). 908517-9P £12 K. EARRING BACKS £5 PACK OF 10 K. RUBBER EARRING BACKS Great for replacing lost or uncomfortable originals. Pack of 10. Size 8.5cm (3½”). Made from plastic. 080616-9P £5 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 111