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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


A. DOUBLE END TWEEZER £6 Precision Tip B. THREADING MACHINE ONLY £4 .50 New for you Wide Tip New for you Ideal for use on eyebrows A. DOUBLE END TWEEZER Features a slanted, wide grip end for bulk or coarse hair removal while the other end features a pointed tip for precision allowing you to pluck the finest brow hair. Size L10.5cm (4”). Stainless steel. 910767-9P £6 C. ON THE ROAD MAKE-UP BAG ONLY £8 Perfect for the upper lip and chin B. THREADING MACHINE Easy and pain free hair remover. Perfect for removing small, fine hair from your face. Leaves skin smooth and you can apply your make up instantly. Size H10 x W5cm (4 x 2”). 910759-9P £4.50 NEW improved design D. ONLY £6 VIDEO ✔ Padded to protect your make-up ✔ Ideal for jewellery and toiletries ✔ Simply pull the drawstring to keep toiletries protected inside Simply pull drawstring to convert to handheld bag With hypo allergenic stainless steel blades C. ON THE ROAD MAKE-UP BAG Functionally designed drawstring bag which easily converts from a flat, open surface so you can grab and go. The mat provides a clean and dry surface and has a lip at the edges to keep in your cosmetics or jewellery. Easily fits into your handbag. Made from polyester. Machine washable. Size W45 x D45cm (17¾ x 17¾”). 900664-9P £8 116 D. NOSE/EAR HAIR TRIMMER Keep unwanted nose and ear hair at bay, painlessly and effectively. Requires 1 x AA battery* (not included). Length 13.3cm (5¼”). 020583-9P £6 * For AA batteries see page 55

SMOOTH OUT FINE LINES & WRINKLES an instant! UP TO 74% LESS EYE WRINKLES in just 1 hour IMMEDIATELY SMOOTHES various types of wrinkles NOTICABLE, INTENSE & LONG-LASTING tightening effect E. INSTANT WRINKLE REDUCER £20 BEAUTY E. INSTANT WRINKLE REDUCER Immediately smoothes and tightens skin around the eyes and mouth. The roll-on applicator has a cooling, instantly firming effect that lasts for up to 6 hours. Apply your make up as normal over the top. 8ml. £25 per 10ml. Contains LIFTONIN® XPRESS. 900656-9P £20 Keep your nails in PRISTINE CONDITION! VIDEO F. NAIL STRENGTHENER £6 ✔ Wear alone or under nail polish ✔ Contains Pentavitin ® to strengthen and fortify ✔ Apply as a top coat to add strength and shine ✔ Reduces breaking, chipping and flaking G. NAIL STRENGTHENING TOP COAT £6 F. PRO STRONG NAIL STRENGTHENER Strengthens nails, making them resistant to chipping. Can be used as a base coat or on its own for a natural look. Suitable for persons 14 and over. 15ml. £40 per 100ml. 026395-9P £6 G. DAZZLING DIAMOND NAIL STRENGTHENING TOP COAT Apply as the finishing touch to polished nails for a diamond-hard coating. Protects against breaking, chipping and flaking. 14ml. £42.85 per 100ml. 088072-9P £6 FOR PRODUCT VIDEOS please contact your distributor 117