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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


Helps to ELIMINATE DAMPNESS wherever you need it Simply plug in to recharge A. RECHARGEABLE DE-HUMIDIFIER £20 ✔ Cordless for use anywhere ✔ Rechargeable ✔ Complete with fold-away hanging hook ✔ Use freestanding or hanging A. RECHARGEABLE DE-HUMIDIFIER Simple to use de-humidifier with smart indicator. Cordless operation allows you to install wherever you want without nuisance wires. No need for refill - just recharge with mains adapter and use again and again! Measures H12.5 x W21.5 x D5cm (8½ x 5 x 2”). 790931-9P £20 LADIES’ 128 B. TWO WAY SHOE STRETCHER Help ensure your shoes fit perfectly Stretches lengthways and/or widthways £9 .50 MEN’S B. TWO-WAY SHOE STRETCHER Now all your footwear can fit perfectly, thanks to these quality wooden stretchers. Stretches one shoe at a time. Easily adjustable. Stretches lengthways and/or widthways. One stretcher per pack. LADIES’ : Fits UK sizes 3½ - 5 034924-9P £9.50 MEN’S : Fits UK sizes 6 - 10 034932-9P £9.50 The perfect way to keep your boots tidy! C. LONG BOOT STAND ONLY £5 C. PINK HEART LONG BOOT STAND Keeps boots crease-free. Height 51.5cm (20¼”). 060046-9P £5

ORGANISE YOUR WARDROBE FROM ONLY £5 BEDROOM Simply stick onto your clothes hanger D. PADDED HANGERS £5 PACK OF 3 D. PADDED HANGERS Pack of 3 beautiful padded hangers, trimmed with decorative ribbon. Size of each L39 x W3.5cm (15¼ x 1¼”). 900362-9P £5 E. £6 PACK OF 20 New for you E. NON-SLIP HANGER STRIPS Pack of 20 transparent non-slip strips. The strips offer a secure hold for silk blouses, strappy dresses, tops and hanger loops. Simply stick the self-adhesive strips onto your clothes hangers. Size L5 x W0.8cm (2 x ¼”). 910155-9P £6 F. DELUXE SPACE SAVING HANGERS £5 PACK OF 4 G. VELVET HANGERS £12 PACK OF 12 Flocked to prevent slippage F. DELUXE SPACE SAVING HANGERS Hang five garments in the space of only one! Pack of 4 holds up to 20 ordinary hangers. 038040-9P £5 G. VELVET HANGERS Pack of 12 anti-slip velvet hangers. Ultra slim to save space in your wardrobe. Size of each L44.5 x W0.5cm (17½ x ¼”). 900354-9P £12 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 129