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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


HOME PEDICURE solutions A. LONG HANDLED SCISSORS £8 For tough and stubborn NAILS B. NAIL CUTTING PLIERS £7 .50 B. NAIL CUTTING PLIERS Suitable for use on toes and fingernails. Sturdy cutting tool, made from steel. Length 12cm (4¾”). 051411-9P £7.50 Extend your reach to cut toenails easily No more painful ingrowing toenails A. LONG HANDLED SCISSORS Helps you reach and cut toenails with ease. Sturdy cutting tool. Length 15cm (6”). Made from stainless steel. 060054-9P £8 C. DIABETIC SCISSORS £7 E. FLEECE THERMAL INSOLES £5 Rounded tips for safety C. DIABETIC SCISSORS Diabetes sufferers can have reduced sensitivity so trimming toe nails requires extra care. These round tipped scissors won’t nip or nick your skin. High quality stainless steel. Length 10cm (3¾”). 778320-9P £7 D. INGROWN TOENAIL FILE No more painful ingrowing toenails. This effective tool will encourage the nail to grow out instead of into the skin. The slim head allows precise filing of the nail edge. Size L12 x W0.7cm (4¾ x ¼”). 081680-9P £4 138 ONLY £4 E. FLEECE THERMAL INSOLES Provides cushioning, absorbs impact shock and reduces foot fatigue. Keeps out the cold. Cut to size. UK size 3 -11. 55% polyester, 45% EVA. 022080-9P £5 Keeps out the cold

MINTY fresh feet HAND-WASHABLE 100% TPR FOOT FIXERS WITH PEPPERMINT SCENT THAT LASTS UP TO 3 MONTHS New for you HEALTH F. PEPPERMINT SCENT BUNION SHIELD £6 New for you G. PEPPERMINT SCENT GEL HAMMER TOE CUSHION £8 .50 PACK OF 2 F. PEPPERMINT SCENT BUNION SHIELD Slips over big toe to help ease bunion pain. The soft added sleeve cushions bunions from friction and rubbing whilst the gel spreader seperates toes to help joint alignment. Pack contains one spreader to fit either foot. Washable. Size L8cm (3”). 911070-9P £6 Eases bunion pain G. PEPPERMINT SCENT GEL HAMMER TOE CUSHION This gel cushion gently stretches the toes while also preventing calluses caused by rubbing. Attach ring to the third toe. Pack of 2. Washable. 911089-9P £8.50 Sits under toes to support and ease pain Pack of 2 . H. PEPPERMINT SCENT GEL TOE TUBES £7 .50 PACK OF 2 New for you H. PEPPERMINT SCENT GEL TOE TUBES These comfortable protective tubes can be cut to any size to fit. Prevents shoes from rubbing corns, blisters and calluses and great for fingers too. Washable.Pack contains 2 tubes. Sizes: larger tube L10 x D2.2cm (4 x 1”) smaller tube L10 x D1.7cm (¾”). 911062-9P £7.50 Prevents rubbing on fingers and toes J. PEPPERMINT SCENT GEL HEEL PROTECTORS £14 PACK OF 2 Absorbs shocks and protects heels New for you J. PEPPERMINT SCENT GEL HEEL PROTECTORS Take care of your heels! The soft gel absorbs the shocks during walking whilst the peppermint oil has a healing effect on damaged heels. Smooth and comfortable to wear. Pack of 2. Washable. Size H9 x W9cm (3½ x 3½”). 911100-9P £14 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 139