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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

A. £6 .50 PACK OF 2 A.

A. £6 .50 PACK OF 2 A. EASY GRIP BALL PENS Provides the ideal grip for maximum control and consistency while reducing stress on the hand. Perfect for those with with dexterity problems. Pack includes 1 x blue and 1 x black pen. Size L10 x W4cm (4 x 1½”). 911135-9P £6.50 New for you B. WEEKLY PILL WALLET £11 New for you Pack of 2 B. WEEKLY PILL WALLET Ideal for people who take a large number of tablets throughout the day. 7 boxes with handy compartments marked for set times (morning, noon, evening and night). Presented in a tapestry wallet. Size L17 x W2 x D11.7cm (6¾ x ¾ x 4½”). 911127-9P £11 C. £9 ✔ Perfect size for your handbag ✔ With AM & PM compartments Put one lens on top of the other to increase magnification D. 3 LENS MULTI-MAGNIFIER ONLY £5 x3 x9 142 C. 7 DAY PILL BOX Each bright box is clearly marked with the day of the week and has 2 AM and PM compartments. Size of each box H7 x W5cm (2¾ x 2”), size of base H8.5 x W19.5cm (3½ x 7¾”). 064980-9P £9 x6 D. MULTI-MAGNIFIER This 3 lens folding multi-magnifier is great to have around the house. Features three seperate lenses, each magnifying x3. Put one lens on top of the other to increase the magnification! Each lens measures 0.7cm (¼”). Size when folded H5.5 x W3.7 x D2.3cm (2¼ x 1½ x 1”). 789305-9P £5

COOLING SCARVES IDEAL FOR HOT FLUSHES Brings welcome relief when you’re too hot PACK OF 2 COOLING SCARVES E. PACK OF 2 COOLING SCARVES ONLY £5 HEALTH 100% Cotton 1 x green polka dot & 1 x striped blue E. COOLING SCARVES Simple but effective cooling aid for when you’re feeling flush! Simply soak in water and place around your neck, wrists or ankles and the hidden polymer crystals will relieve and reduce heat discomfort. Reusable. Just soak again in water to re-activate. Pack of 2. Length 99cm (39”). 900699-9P £5 MIST & SIP WATER BOTTLE Cool down on the outside, stay hydrated on the inside! New for you F. MIST & SIP WATER BOTTLE Simply spray the mist for instant cooling. Perfect for the gym, holidays or even hot flushes! Holds 800ml. Size L28.5 (11¼”). Made from plastic. 911186-9P £10 ONLY £10 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 143