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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


PET L VE PETS ? Then don’t miss these great ideas! B. EASY GROOMING BRUSH ONLY £6 A. PET SOFA BED FROM £27 ✔ Ideal for small dogs and cats ✔ Let them share the sofa with you A. PET SOFA BED Protect your furniture and give your pet their own comfortable bed. Front flap hangs down the front of your sofa to protect from scratches and pet hair. Polypropylene cover with polyester filling. MEDIUM Size L50 x W40 x H16cm (19½ x 15¾ x 6¼”) 728365-9P £27 LARGE Size L60 x W50 x H16cm (23½ x 19½ x 6¼”) 728373-9P £30 Ideal for dogs and long-haired cats B. EASY GROOMING BRUSH Self-cleaning pet brush. Size L20 x W12cm (8 x 4¾”). 745901-9P £6 Press the button to push hairs out of the brush C. SELF-HEATING PET BED £12 Ideal for small dogs and cats Heat reflects back to your pet C. SELF-HEATING PET BED Uniquely designed to reflect your pet’s body heat back to them. Ideal for use indoors, in an outdoor dog house, or even in the car when travelling. Suitable for cats or dogs. Size L64 x W46cm (25¼ x 18”). Exterior made of machine washable faux lambswool, with a heat reflective thermal insert. Non-slip base. 789313-9P £12 146

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