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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Unblock your drains

Unblock your drains without chemicals B. BIO DRAIN CLEAR £10 A. BLUE PLUNGER £7 Natural microbiological action B. BIO DRAIN CLEAR The safe, effective and eco-friendly solution to keeping your drain free from blockages. Requires 1-2 tablespoons per application. 500ml. £20 per litre. 065170-9P £10 A. BLUE PLUNGER Flexible sink plunger. Clear blocked drains without the need for chemicals. Size H18 x W10cm (7 x 4”). 773875-9P £7 C. DRAIN STICKS £5 .50 PACK OF 2 FIBREGLASS REPAIR TAPE SETS LIKE METAL D. FIBREGLASS REPAIR TAPE SET ONLY £8 New for you Angled Head Flexible IDEAL FOR ✔ Caravan repairs ✔ Pipes ✔ Leaky windows ✔ Sets like metal ✔ Complete with gloves C. DRAIN STICKS Pack of 2 plastic drain sticks, long and flexible with teeth - perfect for clearing blockages in sink and bath drainage pipes. Length 62cm (24½”). 759767-9P £5.50 14 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG D. FIBREGLASS REPAIR TAPE SET Simply wrap the tape over the damaged product and leave; the tape then sets like metal. Pack consists of fibreglass tape L127 x W5cm (50 x 2”) and 1 pair of disposable gloves. Once opened this product is not suitable to be stored and re-used, as the tape hardens upon contact with air. 909688-9P £8

POWER THROUGH BLOCKAGES Rapidly clears blocked sinks and pipes ONLY This product does just what it says! I have had a slow draining sink for ages despite the pipes being dismantled and checked for blockages. Used this product and the sink now drains very fast! MRS W, PETERBOROUGH £5 CLEAN & PROTECT Goes straight through standing water direct to the blockage E. SINK & PLUGHOLE UNBLOCKER Rapidly clears blocked and slow draining sinks. This powerful product kills germs and deodorises, yet will not damage pipes. Sinks straight through standing water direct to the blockage. 500ml. £10 per litre. 700169-9P £5 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 15