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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Extends to 93cm for

Extends to 93cm for extra reach A. CATCHES DUST LIKE A MAGNET! with flexible heads and an extendable handle ONLY £12 SET OF 2 Flexible head A. SET OF 2 MICROFIBRE DUSTERS Fluffy microfibre dusters with flexible heads to get into awkward places. Extendable handle on the large duster for extra reach. Simply rinse the heads under the tap to wash. Telescopic duster: L68cm to 93cm (26½ to 36½”) fully extended. Handheld version: L35.5 cm (14”). 909734-9P £12 New for you B. ONLY £8 B. RADIATOR BRUSH Specially designed to dust radiators and other hard to reach areas, this brush has a long, flexible, twisted wire and a wooden handle. Length 118cm (46½”). 777455-9P £8 Radiator brush with extra-long handle Cleans hard to reach areas Flexible 118cm EXTRA LONG HANDLE 18

Bumper Cleaning Set New for you C. 5 PIECE CLEANING SET ONLY £13 CLEAN & PROTECT C. 5 PIECE CLEANING SET Set comprises of: dustpan and soft brush, stiff scrubbing brush, dish brush and squeegee with hanging hook. Dish Brush L21.5cm (8½”), Dustpan L30.5 x W22.3cm (12 x 9”), Soft Brush L27cm (10¾”), Scrubbing Brush L14 x W5cm (5½ x 2”), Squeegee L25 x W21.5cm (10 x 8½”). 909750-9P £13 New for you D. STICKY ROLLERS £6 SET OF 2 E. LONG HANDLED DUSTPAN & BRUSH No more bending down when sweeping up! With handy clamp to hold the brush and pan securely together. Handle length 75cm (29½”), brush head width 21cm (8¼”), pan width 28cm (11”). 744425-9P £20 E. £20 Folds away for easy storage Mini Roller Upholstery Roller Simply rinse clean D. STICKY ROLLERS Set of 2: one mini travel roller to remove fluff and hair from clothes, and one upholstery roller to remove dust, hair and dirt from your sofa or curtains. Both have handy plastic covers. Sizes when closed: mini roller L10 x W3 x D3cm (4 x 1¼ x 1¼”), upholstery roller L18 x W11.5 x D6.5cm (7 x 4½ x 2½”). 909742-9P £6 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 19