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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


ULTRA ABSORBENT MOP HEAD gives floors a superb streak-free finish! A. WONDER MOP Suitable for use on all floor surfaces. The ultra absorbent head leaves a streak-free finish. The telescopic handle makes mopping a less tiresome chore. Length 102 - 123cm (40¼ x 48½”). 744360-9P £15 REPLACEMENT HEAD FOR WONDER MOP 744301-9P £5 ✔ Telescopic handle ✔ Replacement heads available A. £15 Just pull the handle to squeeze out the water New for you B. DIRECT TO FLOOR CLEANER ONLY £5 USE ON: ✔ Hard floors ✔ Laminate ✔ Polished floors ✔ Ceramic tiles ✔ Stone ✔ Slate ✔ Vinyl C. NO-RINSE FLOOR CLEANER ONLY £5 USE ON: ✔ Vinyl ✔ Laminate ✔ Tiled floors ✔ Lino B. DIRECT TO FLOOR CLEANER Brilliantly designed ready to use mixture, to effectively remove ingrained grease and grime. This quickworking formula tackles stains and leaves a sparkling shine. 500ml. £10 per litre. 918202-9P £5 20 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG No need for rinsing C. NO-RINSE FLOOR CLEANER Leave floors fresh and brilliantly clean! Cuts through grease and grime in no time. Ideal for vinyl, laminate, lino and tiled floors, with no rinsing required. 750ml. £6.67 per litre. 086312-9P £5

Mop up the value FROM JUST £10 D. 15 LITRE BUCKET WITH WRINGER £10 CLEAN & PROTECT Pull trigger to spray Telescopic Spray action E. SUPER SOAK UP MOP £10 Replacement heads available Refillable solution bottle F. 2-IN-1 SPRAY MOP £20 ✔ All-in-one complete mop solution ✔ No need for heavy mop bucket D. BUCKET WITH WRINGER 15 litre lightweight bucket with integral wringer, pouring spout, tipping handle and mop rest. Size H38cm x W29 x D25cm (15 x 11½ x 9¾”). 744352-9P £10 E. SUPER SOAK UP MOP Super absorbent microfibre mop with telescopic handle. Handle extends from 60.5 - 120cm (24 x 47¼”). 744344-9P £10 REPLACEMENT MOP HEAD FOR SUPER SOAK UP MOP 777439-9P £5.50 F. 2-IN-1 SPRAY MOP Suitable for all floor surfaces, including tiles, laminate, vinyl and wood. Complete with detachable bottle for easy Replacement pads available filling. Ergonomic design. Size H128 x W42 x D15cm (50¼ x 16½ x 5¾”). 774928-9P £20 PACK OF 2 SPRAY MOP REPLACEMENT PADS Pack of 2 microfibre replacement pads for the 2-in-1 Spray Mop (item F). Size L41 x W14 cm (16¼ x 5½”). 900516-9P £9 FOR PRODUCT VIDEOS please contact your distributor 21