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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


MULTI-FUNCTION CLEANER Complete with 3 cleaning heads! B. TRADITIONAL COTTON MOP ONLY £9 For tiles A. MULTI- FUNCTION CLEANER New for you Extends to 105cm ONLY £12 For windows For floors Gets into awkward, hard-to-reach places Set of 3 replacement head pads available TILES WINDOWS FLOORS 22 A. MULTI-FUNCTION CLEANER Multi-purpose cleaner with telescopic handle that extends from 67 - 105cm (26¼ x 41¼”). Heads are 100% polyester. Includes 3 cleaning pads. 726303-9P £12 SET OF 3 REPLACEMENT CLEANING HEAD PADS Includes one of each colour. 747700-9P £8 B. TRADITIONAL COTTON MOP Pure yarn cotton mop head, ideal for mopping up high volumes of excess water or spillages. Complete with traditional wooden handle. Length 143cm (56¼”). 909769-9P £9

RUBBER BRISTLES effective & hygienic C. RUBBER HAND BRUSH ONLY £5 D. ONLY £6 .50 CLEAN & PROTECT C. RUBBER HAND BRUSH This handy brush is ideal for cleaning pet hair and fluff from furniture and carpets. Static action attracts fluff. Size L27 x W4 x D3cm (10½ x 1½ x 1¼”). 744441-9P £5 Can be used on all surfaces D. DUSTPAN AND BRUSH Comprises of a plastic dustpan and a brush with rubber bristles, which means hair and crumbs are more easily brushed up. Simply wash under the tap to clean. L33 x W22 x H9cm (13 x 8¾ x 3½”). 759880-9P £6.50 Rubber bristles Scrub either wet or dry floors E. RUBBER BROOM AND SQUEEGEE The rubber head will never clog or lose shape and will not harbour germs like regular brooms. Handle reduces down for easy storage. Suitable for wet and dry floors, simply wash under the tap to clean. One side features a handy squeegee for wet floors. Handle length 77 - 135cm (30¼ - 53¼”). Head size L30 x W5 x D3cm (11¾ x 2 x 1¼”). 744433-9P £10 Squeegee Squeegee wet floors Washable ✔ Electrostatic effect on carpets, removes dust & hair better than some vacuum cleaners ✔ Scrub wet or dry floors ✔ Tough & durable E. ONLY £10 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 23