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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


A. SHOWER HEAD CLEANER ONLY £6 JUST SPRAY & WALK AWAY APPLIES TO ALL ITEMS ON THIS PAGE EXTRA FREE WORKS BEFORE YOUR EYES! I live in a hard water area and couldn’t do without this product. It is fantastic at removing the limescale buildup. Highly recommended! MR R, ACCRINGTON A. SHOWER HEAD CLEANER This disinfectant and descaler removes scale and debris from shower heads which increases the efficiency of the flow of water - especially in hard water areas. It kills bacteria and fungi including legionella. Simply immerse shower head in the solution, scrub and rinse. 500ml. £12 per litre. 918199-9P £6 B. DAILY SHOWER CLEANER £5 ✔ Prevents buildup of mould, limescale, soap scum and tough stains ✔ No scrubbing required ✔ Shines & protects ✔ Anti-microbial & bio-degradable ✔ Easy to use B. DAILY SHOWER CLEANER Removes soap scum and scale. Just spray and walk away. Suitable for all bathroom surfaces. 500ml + 250ml FREE! £6.67 per litre. 729620-9P £5 32 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG

HANDY WAYS TO GET RID OF MOULD ELIMINATE: ✔ Mould ✔ Mildew ✔ Algae C. ONLY £8 CLEAN & PROTECT For use INSIDE & OUTSIDE CAN BE USED OUTSIDE TOO ON: ✔ Garden furniture ✔ Pots ✔ Walls ✔ And much more! C. BANISH THAT MOULD SPRAY Specially formulated for highly effective removal of mould and black spot stains on walls, tiles, grout and sealant. 500ml. £16 per litre. 755214-9P £8 D. ONLY £8 APPLIES TO ALL ITEMS ON THIS PAGE BANISH THAT MOULD a concentrated gel that allows you to target mould stains! WORKS SO WELL I had almost given up trying to get rid of mould and black spot from the tiles in my poorly ventilated bathroom until I tried this product. It turned them brilliant white first time! JV. LONDON PERFECT FOR: ✔ Shower corners ✔ Edges ✔ Sealant ✔ Grout lines D. BANISH THAT MOULD BRUSH-ON GEL A concentrated gel that allows you to target mould stains. The brush is designed to deliver the perfect dose and cling to badly stained areas such as shower corners and grout lines. Brush on, give it time to work, and then simply rinse away. 250ml. £32 per litre. 755222-9P £8 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 33