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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Keep your bathroom

Keep your bathroom GLEAMING! A. BATHROOM SQUEEGEE B. SQUEEGEE WITH SUCTION PAD £7 Complete with suction pad Soft rubber easy clean blade ONLY £5 FREE MICROFIBRE CLOTH New for you A. BATHROOM SQUEEGEE Ideal for cleaning shower screens, windows, mirrors etc. Width 25cm (9¾”). 023027-9P £5 B. SQUEEGEE WITH SUCTION PAD WITH FREE MICROFIBRE CLOTH Stylish design squeegee, complete with handy suction pad. You can keep it attached to your shower wall, so it’s always handy. Comes with a FREE microfibre cloth, size L30 x W30cm (11¾ x 11¾”). Size of squeegee H20 x W24 x D4.5cm (8 x 9½ x 1¾”). 909823-9P £7 C. £7 I use this regularly on my kitchen floor, which has a lot of muddy feet trampling through! Lifts the mud in seconds and leaves a lovely citrus fragrance. MW, BLACKBURN C. STEAM DETERGENT Boosts the cleaning performance of your steam mop, helping to break down grease and grime. Neutralises unpleasant odours. Leaves floors fresh, fragrant and hygienically clean. Suitable for use on all hard floors and carpets. 500ml. £14 per litre. 918172-9P £7 D. ONLY £5 PACK OF 100 D. FRAGRANCED TOILET SEAT WIPES Kill all common bacteria on your toilet with our Lavender Fragranced Toilet Seat Wipes. The quick and convenient way to help ensure complete hygiene in the bathroom whilst leaving a delicate scent of lavender. Pack of 100. 017647-9P £5 ✔ Kills all common bacteria ✔ Refreshing lavender scent ✔ Quick and convenient 34 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG

E. BLEACH TABLETS £5 33 EXTRA FREE F. BIO TOILET CLEANER £7 ✔ Keeps the toilet smelling fresh ✔ Lasts up to 1000 flushes CLEAN & PROTECT Child proof container E. BLEACH TABLETS Disinfects toilets, walls, worktops and bins. Comes in a child proof container. 30 splash-free tablets + 10 FREE! 700100-9P £5 F. BIO TOILET CLEANER Simply place in the cistern and replace when water stops being blue after flushing. Lasts up to 1000 flushes. 100% natural and bio-degradable. Size H9 x diam. 7.5cm (3½ x 3”). 050644-9P £7 G. SILICONE TOILET BRUSH WITH HOLDER £10 G. SILICONE TOILET BRUSH WITH HOLDER Self-cleaning double headed silicone toilet brush! The small brush is ideal for cleaning under the rim. The special anti-stick effect prevents toilet paper and stubborn residues from clinging to the brush. Both flexible and hard wearing. Ergonomic handle with a plastic grip. Size L40.8 x W13 x H13cm (16 x 5 x 5”). 756458-9P £10 New for you H. TOILET BRUSH AND HOLDER £7 H. TOILET BRUSH AND HOLDER This toilet brush holder opens as you remove the brush, and closes once the brush is inserted back into the holder. Size H39cm (15¼”). 909840-9P £7 Designed to reach under the rim Self cleaning Toilet brush & holder in closed position FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 35