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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


INCLUDES FREE EXTRA REFILL MOISTURE CONTROL B. KILROCK 1KG REFILL POUCH £6 A. DAMP CLEAR TRAP £8 ! A. KILROCK DAMP CLEAR TRAP WITH FREE EXTRA REFILL The granules absorb the humidity in the air (up to 15m²) which is stored in the collecting container (up to 1 litre). Lasts for 2-3 months. Includes one 500g pack of granules plus another FREE! Size L25 x H10 x W9cm (9¾ x 4 x 3¼”). 726060-9P £8 Wardrobe & drawer moisture trap! C. DAMP CLEAR HANGING MOISTURE TRAP £7 PACK OF 4 SACHETS B. KILROCK 1KG REFILL POUCH Contains 2 x 500g refills for the Kilrock Moisture Trap (item A). One 500g refill is effective for up to 3 months, in rooms up to 20m². 726095-9P £6 NON-SPILL & NON-LEAK D. KILROCK GEL-SAFE TRAP Innovative non-spill, non-leak moisture trap, which absorbs moisture and turns it into gel. Quickly and easily control excess humidity and protect against damp. Improves air quality. Size L20 x H7 x D9cm (7¾ x 2¾ x 3½”). 900125-9P £7 E. PACK OF 2 KILROCK GEL-SAFE REFILLS Contains 2 refills for the Kilrock Gel-Safe Trap (item D). Each refill absorbs 400ml of moisture. Refill size L13 x W10 (5 x 4”). 900141-9P £7 C. KILROCK DAMP CLEAR HANGING MOISTURE TRAP Perfect for hanging in your wardrobe, drawer or other storage area to remove excess moisture and musty odours. 2 plastic hooks included for hanging. With 4 spill-proof sachets. Size L13 x W10 (5 x 4”). 900168-9P £7 D & E. £7 EACH Gel-safe moisture trap 38 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG

INSECT Control G. SPIDER REPELLENT £6 CLEAN & PROTECT F. BUG BAT £6 F. BUG BAT Kills flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Requires 2 x AA batteries* (not included). 732028-9P £6 H. KATCHA BUG ONLY £8 EXTRA FREE G. SPIDER REPELLENT Spiders hate peppermint; so this formula, containing extracts of peppermint will keep them far away! Use in your home, office, caravan or tent for a strictly spider-free zone! 500ml + 250ml FREE! £8 per litre. 700061-9P £6 H. KATCHA BUG Don’t like creepy crawlies, but don’t want to kill them? Then just twist this nifty little gadget to trap the bug then release it outside. Length 39cm (15½”). 025437-9P £8 Trap the insect and release it outside Specially designed to gently suck up and collect spiders or bugs J. BUG BUSTER Handheld vacuum, specially designed to gently suck up and collect bugs or spiders. Say goodbye to poisons and messy sprays. Ideal for hard to reach places. Requires 1 x 9v battery (included). Size L65cm (25½”). 900176-9P £20 * For AA batteries see page 55 J. BUG BUSTER £20 Place cap over tube end Add the turbo for an extra boost ✔No mess ✔ No sprays ✔No poison ✔No bugs! ✔Gentle removal FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 39