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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


A. BIN CLEANER For household bins and wheelie bins. The foaming action allows it to cling to the bin. Highly effective anti-microbial action eliminates bacteria, fungi and yeast, leaving behind a citrus fragrance. 480ml. £12.50 per litre. 732125-9P £6 Simply spray in the bin and leave A. ONLY £6 B. WASTE CADDY LINERS £4 .50 PACK OF 20 C. WHITE DRAWSTRING BAGS £4 PACK OF 15 Drawstring to grip the sides BUY 2 PACKS SAVE £1 B. KITCHEN FOOD WASTE CADDY LINERS Bio-degradable. 20 x 5L. 779580-9P £4.50 SPECIAL OFFER: BUY 2 PACKS FOR £8 - 790893-9P £8 D. WHEELIE BIN LINERS £4 PACK OF 6 BUY 2 PACKS SAVE £1 C. WHITE DRAWSTRING BAGS Strong. Drawstring fastening. 15 x 50L. 762245-9P £4 SPECIAL OFFER: BUY 2 PACKS FOR £7 - 790885-9P £7 E. BLACK REFUSE SACKS £3 .50 PACK OF 10 BUY 2 PACKS SAVE £1 D. WHEELIE BIN LINERS Strong. 6 x 300L. 792071-9P £4 SPECIAL OFFER: BUY 2 PACKS FOR £7 - 790850-9P £7 40 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG BUY 2 PACKS SAVE £1 E. BLACK REFUSE SACKS Heavy duty. Drawstring fastening. 10 x 50L. 762229-9P £3.50 SPECIAL OFFER: BUY 2 PACKS FOR £6 - 790869-9P £6

F. GUTTER PATCH STRIPS £10 PACK OF 4 New for you Paint to match gutter colour CLEAN & PROTECT F. PACK OF 4 GUTTER PATCH STRIPS Fix leaky guttering fast with these self-adhesive patches. Suitable for use with metal or plastic guttering, they can be painted with acrylic, enamel or oil based paint to match the colour of your gutters. Each patch measures L15 x W7.5cm (6 x 3”). 909874-9P £10 PACK OF 4 G. UPVC REVIVER I SWEAR BY THIS PRODUCT Last year I was having my fascia boards cleaned by a tradesman and he said it’s better than the one they use in the trade. He now uses it everywhere he goes! MRS D. BROMBOROUGH G. UPVC REVIVER Ideal for window frames, doors and garden furniture. It brings back the original colour, finish and sheen, and is perfect for surfaces discoloured by pollution, heavy weathering and ingrained soil. Just apply with a damp cloth and promptly buff with a soft dry cloth. 500ml. £14 per litre. 090794-9P £7 BEFORE PERFECT FOR: ✔ Window Frames ✔ Cladding ✔ Doors ✔ Fascias ✔ Garden Furniture Makes old UPVC LOOK LIKE NEW ONLY £7 AFTER FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 41