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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


NO MORE BLOCKED GUTTERS AND DRAINPIPES A. TELESCOPIC GUTTER BRUSH ONLY £16 ✔ Extends to over 3.55m ✔ Heavy duty bristles ✔ No need for ladders B. DOWNPIPE GUTTER GUARDS ONLY £5 PACK OF 2 New for you B. PACK OF 2 DOWNPIPE GUTTER GUARDS Keep your drainpipes clear. Prevents leaves and other debris from blocking downpipes. Easy to install, simply push into place. Plastic. H15 x D12cm (6 x 4¾”). 910538-9P £5 Pack of 2 NO MORE BURST PIPES C. TAP JACKET ONLY Protects outside taps, so no burst £6 .50 pipes when the chill comes. Instant fit. Sized to fit most outside taps. Durable, water resistant material. Size L23 x W13cm (9 x 5”). 068373-9P £6.50 44 A. GUTTER BRUSH Get into those hard-to-reach gutters with this specially designed brush. Extendable from 1.46 - 3.56m (4ft 9” - 11ft 6”). Plastic and aluminium handle. Head width 18cm (7”). 005355-9P £16 D. £8 D. DRAIN COVER Helps reduce the risk of clogged drains caused by a build-up of rotting leaves and dirt. Easy to install and can be cut to fit neatly around your drain pipe. Fits grids up to 30cm square (11¾”). 078565-9P £8

GARDEN TOOL STORAGE GARDEN New for you ONLY £12 E. GARDEN TOOL STORAGE Keep your gardening tools always ready to hand with this handy storage unit. Features four small and four large hooks. Screws and dowels included. Weatherproof plastic. H8 x W43 x D11cm (3½ x 17 x 4¼”). 910546-9P £12 F. INDOOR SOLAR SHED LIGHT £15 ✔ White LED solar light ✔ On/off pull cord switch ✔ Energy saving ✔ Easy to install F. INDOOR SOLAR SHED LIGHT Simply fit the solar panel to outside of the shed, thread cable through to inside and attach shed light inside. Made from plastic. Requires 3 x AA 1.2 V 600 mAh NiMH batteries (included). Solar panel size L12 x W11.5 x D1.5cm (4¾ x 4½ x ½”). Light size L22 x W6 x D4.5cm (8¾ x 2½ x 1¾”). Length of wire from solar panel to light 1.8m (5ft 9”). 910554-9P £15 New for you NO WIRING REQUIRED Outside Solar Panel G. ANTI-SLIP GLOW IN THE DARK STEP TAPE £14 ✔ Cut to size ✔ Anti-slip black surface ✔ Glow in the dark middle strip, absorbs sunlight & glows at night New for you G. ANTI-SLIP GLOW IN THE DARK STEP TAPE Safely navigate in the dark with this permanent self-adhesive tape. Can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Made from PET & aluminium oxide. L5m x W4.8cm (16ft 4” x 1¾”). Thickness 0.46cm (¼”). 5m Long Tape 910562-9P £14 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 83 45