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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Repair leaks in D.

Repair leaks in D. seconds... Available in black or clear spray ONLY £15 Simple to use on: ✔ Roofs ✔ Windows ✔ Drain pipes ✔ Gutters REMOVE MOULD ALGAE, FUNGI & ODOURS ONLY £9 B. MAXIMUM STRENGTH OUTDOOR FLUID Kills harmful bacteria and removes mould, algae and moss from paths and patios. Cleans, disinfects and deodorises greenhouses, drains, bins, kennels and stables. 1 litre. £9 per litre. 730319-9P £9 Cleans and disinfects outdoor areas C. ONLY £8 Clear Black ✔ Prevents fat and grease build-up ✔ Ideal for tough cleaning ✔ Helps unblock drains A. SPRAY SEAL Repairs leaks in just seconds. Easy to use - simply spray on the leaking area. Provides a heavy duty, flexible waterproofing coating. Ideal for repairing pipes, gutters, roofs, windows and more. Formulated in the UK. 500ml. £30 per litre. CLEAR SEAL 774057-9P £15 BLACK SEAL 910570-9P £15 C. EXTERIOR DRAIN TREATMENT Powerful probiotic formula. 500ml. £16 per litre. 731323-9P £8 46 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG

CLEAR WEEDS, MOSS & MORE D. WEED CLEAR BRUSH ONLY £12 GARDEN Has a strong spike to dig deep into roots Brush to ease out weeds and moss D. WEED CLEAR BRUSH Clear away weeds, and the dirt they grow in, from between paving and other hard surfaces with this sturdy brush, helps prevent them from growing back. Metal wire bristles and point get into all manner of nooks and crannies. Made from wood and metal. L128 x W10cm (50¼ x 3¾”). 776823-9P £12 New for you ✔ Featuring extra large 38cm (15”) broom head ✔ Metal scraper, perfect for clearing snow, ice and built up dirt E. HEAVY DUTY GARDEN BRUSH £15 E. HEAVY DUTY GARDEN BRUSH 15” wooden broom head filled with durable bassine and red PVC bristles. Ideal for collecting large quantities of dirt and debris. Includes large metal scraper to assist in removing ice and moss off large areas, such as driveways and patios. H131.5 x W40 x D9cm (51¾ x 15¾ x 3½”). 910589-9P £15 F. JUMBO DUSTPAN AND BRUSH ONLY £10 Featuring serrated edges to clean dust and dirt from the hand brush bristles New for you F. JUMBO DUSTPAN AND BRUSH Extra large wooden brush with bassine bristles and pan. Helps collect greater amounts of dirt and debris from outdoor areas. H40 x W33.5 x D12.5cm (15¾ x 13½ x 5”). 910597-9P £10 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 47