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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


IMPROVE SAFETY WHEN DRIVING Wide Angle Rear View Mirror only £8 New for you A. WIDE ANGLE REAR VIEW MIRROR Improve safety whilst driving. Reduces blind spots and provides an extensive view of the road behind you, ideal for those who struggle to turn their head whilst driving. Also features a smaller mirror to view the back seats - perfect for those with little ones! Simply attaches over your existing mirror. Size H11 x W30cm (4¼ x 11¾”). 911208-9P £8 Attaches over your existing mirror See a wider rear view B. UNIVERSAL CAR MATS £20 Not enough cup holders? No problem! C. CAR VALET £9 48 B. UNIVERSAL CAR MATS With a reinforced heel pad (for the driver) and anti-slip backing, these car mats are ideal for most cars. Driver/passenger mats L65 x W44.5cm (25½ x 17½”). Rear mats L30 x W42.5cm (11¾ x 16¾”). 911194-9P £20 C. CAR VALET Easy to install car organiser, perfect for cars without enough cup holders! Sits between seats and central console of most cars. Holds two beverages and has an extra compartment for assorted items. H25.2 x W10.2 X D19cm (10 x 4 x 7½”). 900583-9P £9

D. MICROFIBRE EASY CLEANER ONLY £7 MARVELLOUS FOR DE-MISTING WINDOWS on cold mornings CAR D. MICROFIBRE EASY CLEANER Clean your windscreen with water alone – no need for chemicals. Removable and washable microfiber head, which pivots to reach all areas. H39 x W13 x D2.5cm (15¼ x 5 x 1”). 759228-9P £7 ✔ Long handle makes it easier to clean the whole windscreen ✔ Head pivots into corners KEEP YOUR CAR WINDOWS clear of condensation E. CAR DEHYDRATOR Ensure car windows never steam up again. This dehydrator extracts humidity from the vehicle to keep windows clear. Reusable. L28.5 x W15 x D3.5cm (11¼ x 5 ¾ x 1¼”). 028185-9P £12 E. £12 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 49