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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Instantly removes

Instantly removes hard-to-shift tea & coffee stains ONLY £5 B. ONLY £5 EXTRA FREE Pack of 4 extra large cleaning sponges Before After A. TEA AND COFFEE INSTANT STAIN REMOVER 250g + 125g FREE! Not for use on aluminium surfaces. £13.33 per kilo. 714666-9P £5 C. COPPER CLOTH £6 PACK OF 3 Pack of 3 New for you B. PACK OF 4 DIAMOND CLEAN SCOURING SPONGES Easily clean even the toughest burnt-on stains, dirt and grease. With a practical grip for convenient use. Extra large size L13 x W7 x D4.5 (5 x 2¾ x 1¾”). 909696-9P £5 New for you Double layered with real copper C. PACK OF 3 HIGH QUALITY COPPER CLOTHS Double-layer copper threads removes even stubborn dirt, such as burnt-on food stains and rust. Ideal for use on stainless steel, ceramics and porcelain. Durable, rustproof and washable. L16 x W13cm (6¼ x 5”). 909700-9P £6 4 PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LOGO ARE CRUELTY FREE | VISIT WWW.PETA.ORG

PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN HYGIENE D. ONLY £5 ✔ Cleans ✔ Neutralises odours ✔ Kills 99% of bacteria D. ANTIBACTERIAL FRIDGE AND MICROWAVE CLEANER SPRAY Up to 800 sprays. Suitable for fridge, freezer and microwaves. 250ml. £20 per litre. 746819-9P £5 Before After E. KITCHEN SURFACE CLEANER Fast acting cleaner designed to keep surfaces free from stains and bacteria. It dissolves dirt build up, destroying 99.9% of germs with ease. 500ml. £12 per litre. 759716-9P £6 F. OVEN CLEANER £7 E. KITCHEN SURFACE CLEANER £6 Before After F. OVEN CLEANER Our brilliant Oven Cleaner makes cleaning easy. Attacks burnt-on food and cuts through grease and grime with ease. Brings back a sparkle to your oven. 500ml. £14 per litre. 759724-9P £7 clean & protect Want a pristine clean, brilliantly fresh home? Then we have cleaners for bins, sinks, ovens, grills, grouting, floors, fabrics, showers and windows – so that mould, mildew, grease and stains stand no chance. Plus we have descalers and unblockers, moisture trappers and fly & spider catchers too. FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 5