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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


A. CLOCK SAFE £15 New for you B. SELF-ADHESIVE WINDOW SHIELD ONLY £8 A. CLOCK SAFE Silver coloured wall clock complete with hanging fixtures on the back. Clock opens up to reveal a ‘‘secret space’’ in the interior of the clock, complete with two shelves. Diam. 25cm (9¾”). Requires 1 x AA battery* (not included). 910171-9P £15 B. SELF-ADHESIVE WINDOW SHIELD Easier to keep clean than conventional lace curtains. Self-adhesive. Cut to size. Size L3m x W45cm (9ft 8” x 17”). 079707-9P £8 C. LED ADJUSTABLE ANGLE LAMP £10 50 ✔ Ideal for late night reading ✔ LEDs require very little energy, so batteries last longer C. LED ADJUSTABLE ANGLE LAMP Battery operated for convenience. Aim the light directly onto whatever project you are working on. Bright light with 12 LED bulbs. Requires 3 x AA batteries* (not included). Size H20 x W11 x D7.5cm (8 x 4¼ x 3”). 758736-9P £10 D. PUSH LIGHTS ONLY £11 PACK OF 3 ✔ No tools required ✔ Perfect for applying to the underside of kitchen cabinets Pack of 3 D. PUSH LIGHTS Elegantly add light to any room of the house with no need for tricky wiring or tools. Simply push to turn on and off. Self adhesive velcro included. Requires 3 x AAA batteries* per unit (not included). Pack of 3. Size L15 x W4 x D2.5cm (6 x 1½ x 1”). 049620-9P £11

PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS for every day problems E. HAND TOOL ORGANISER SHELF £10 New for you HOME LIVING Your E. HAND TOOL ORGANISER SHELF An assortment of slots and pegs to keep up to 50 hand tools neat and easy to access. Tiered design keeps everything in sight. Sturdy plastic. Wall fixings included. Tools not included. Size H6.5 x W39 x D15cm (2½ x 15¼ x 6”). 910163-9P £10 No more sagging drawers PACK INCLUDES: ✔ Screws ✔ Brackets ✔ 2x straps * For AA & AAA batteries see page 55 F. £7 F. FIX-A-DRAWER Repairs and strengthens sagging drawers. Pack includes screws, brackets and 2 x straps. Each strap measures L70 x W1cm (27½ x ¼”). 900370-9P £7 Back by POPULAR DEMAND G. RADIATOR BLEEDER ONLY £5 No drips or spills G. RADIATOR BLEEDER Improve the efficiency of your radiators by bleeding them regularly. Prevents damage to your carpets when bleeding your radiators. Size H15 x W5.5 x D4cm (6 x 2¼ x 1½”). 049387-9P £5 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 51 home life is easier with Kleeneze. We’re packed with practical problem solvers: draught excluders, doormats, rug grippers, sagging drawer fixers, wireless lights, and so much more.