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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


SOFA & ARMCHAIR PROTECTION from £11 BUYER’S FAVOURITE Creates a firm base to give sagging sofas a whole new lease of life! A. SEAT SAVERS Give your sagging furniture a new lease of life. Simply lay the savers under cushions to provide strong, comfortable support in places where springs and cushioning may have become old and tired. ARMCHAIR SAVER Size L47 x W49.5cm (18½ x 19½’’) 759082-9P £11 2 SEAT SAVER Size L105 x W50cm (41¼ x 19½’’) 759074-9P £20 3 SEAT SAVER Size L146 x W50cm (57½ x 19½’’) 759066-9P £27 Before After Before After C. JUTE RUNNER £35 EACH Chocolate B. JUTE MAT £12 Chocolate B. JUTE MAT Anti-slip, latex-backed mat. 100% jute mat, 100% cotton border. Size L65 x W45cm (25½ x 17¾”). CHOCOLATE 900435-9P £12 NATURAL 900443-9P £12 Natural C. JUTE RUNNER Anti-slip, latex-backed runner. 100% jute mat, 100% cotton border. Size L160 x W57cm (63 x 22¼”). CHOCOLATE 900419-9P £35 NATURAL 900427-9P £35 Natural 52

D. GLITTER STRING DOOR CURTAIN £20 D. GLITTER STRING DOOR CURTAIN Authentically handmade glitter multi-colour door curtain. A unique way to add some glamour and privacy to a room! L200 x W90cm (78¾ x 35½”). 900478-9P £20 E. ONLY £8 PACK OF 9 Prevents rugs from slipping on hard floors or carpets HOME LIVING Close up E. PACK OF 9 RUG CORNER GRIPS Securely fasten your rugs with these handy grippers. 744379-9P £8 F. RAG RUG ONLY £12 G. KELIM RUG £20 F. RAG RUG Add a splash of colour to your home with this multi-coloured rag rug. 90% cotton, 10% other. L120 x W66cm (47¼ x 26”). Colours may vary. 900451-9P £12 Introduce a SPLASH OF COLOUR... G. KELIM RUG Attractive tassel-bordered rug will instantly spice up any living area. 100% cotton. L90 x W60cm (35¼ x 23¾”). 900460-9P £20 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 53