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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


A. ONLY £6 MULTI-STOP So many uses around the home! Pinch guard Door stop Windows New for you Handle buffer A. MULTI STOP This multi-function tool can be used as a doorstop, holds tilted windows open, serves as a buffer between doorknob and wall, and even protects you from pinching your fingers in a door or drawer. Size H7.7 x W11.8 x D2.5cm (3 x 4½ x 1”). 910180-9P £6 Keep draughts out & WARMTH in! BUYER’S FAVOURITE Cut your energy bills, reduce draughts and stop warmth from leaking out. B. DRAUGHT BUSTER £10 Before: Warm air escapes cold air enters After: Warm air retained and cold air blocked out 54 BENEFITS: ✔ Saves money - heat loss & energy bills reduced ✔ Simply slides on - no tools or fixing required ✔ Moves with the door - no need to reposition ✔ Easily trim to fit B. DRAUGHT BUSTER Plastic draught buster will keep out those cold draughts, keeping your house warm. Supplied in standard door width size 76cm but can be easily cut to length for narrower doors. Fits all standard internal doors. H3 x W76 x D3.5cm (1¼ x 30 x 1¼”). 791377-9P £10

Carry to the shops AND WHEEL BACK C. FOLDING TROLLEY BAG Fastens with hook and loop tape. Can also be worn on your shoulder, simply fold the wheels away. Has a zipped compartment on the outside, which doubles up as a bag to store the shopper in. Unfolded size including wheels H85 x W43 x D15cm (33½ x 17 x 6"). Folds down to H3 x W29 x D20cm (1¼ x 11½ x 8”). 908614-9P £10 C. FOLDING TROLLEY BAG £10 Simply wheel back home HOME LIVING Folded & stored bag Can be worn on your shoulder Pack of 6 AA or AAA batteries D. PACK OF 6 ULTRA ALKALINE POWERCELL BATTERIES Powercell Ultra Alkaline Maximum Endurance batteries. Ideal for use in: torches, cameras, remote controls, motorised toys, clocks, radios and many more. Mercury free. 6 x AA batteries 909181-9P £5 6 x AAA batteries 909190-9P £5 TEST your batteries MEASURES CHARGE IN ALL STANDARD BATTERY SIZES £5 E. £10 E. BATTERY TESTER Check if batteries have any charge simply by placing them in the testing slot and reading the meter for results. Measures charge in all standard battery sizes. Size L11 x W6 x D3cm (4 x 2¼ x 1¼”). 026956-9P £10 F. SHOPPING TROLLEY BAG ONLY £10 F. SHOPPING TROLLEY BAG Handy red shopping trolley bag which comes with inside zip pocket and a separate storage pouch. Simply attach the bag using the sturdy clips to your trolley and fill as you shop. Easy to carry and put away. Machine washable. 100% Polyester. Capacity approx. 70 litres. Size H40 x W35 x D53cm (15¾ x 13¾ x 20¾”). 908630-9P £10 Can be worn on your shoulder Clips attach the bag to the trolley FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 55