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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


CHOP CHOP CHOP! Prep done in no time A. THE ULTIMATE ONION & VEGETABLE CHOPPER ONLY £11 B. SAFE SLICER £3 .50 IDEAL FOR CHOPPING: ✔ Onions ✔ Vegetables ✔ Garlic ✔ Nuts B. SAFE SLICER Prevent nasty accidents with the Safe Slicer! Simply slip your fingers into the special silicone easy-grip finger holes at the back. Place fruit or vegetables in between the slicer and chop safely from the other side. H9 x W8 x D3cm (3¾ x 3¼ x 12”). 901652-9P £3.50 C. ONION STORE £3 .50 C. ONION STORE Ideal for keeping your unused onion fresh in the fridge. Easy to spot and helps trap unwanted odours inside, helping to keep your fridge fresh and clean! Size H12 x diam.10cm (4¾ x 3¾”). 051594-9P £3.50 A. THE ULTIMATE ONION & VEGETABLE CHOPPER A clever gadget, it quickly gets to work to give you finely chopped vegetables. Size H24 x diam. 9.5cm (9½ x 3¾”). 083666-9P £11 62 D. ONION SLICING GUIDE SLICING GUIDE Keeps onions stable and creates even slices every time. Easy hold handle allows for firm grip. Works on tomatoes too. Stainless steel. Size L11 x W8.2cm (4¼ x 3¼“). 777293-9P £3.50 £3 .50 D. ONION

E. GARLIC CHOPPER Disassembles for easy cleaning ONLY £8 F. ZIP SLICER £10 New for you Blade moves through fruit to cut KITCHEN Removable Container Ideal for quickly slicing small fruit and vegetables perfectly New for you Interchangeable blades for slicing or dicing E. GARLIC CHOPPER Slice or dice garlic in one easy action. Includes 2 stainless steel blades for different cutting thickness. Removable storage container folds neatly away when not in use. H6 x W7.5 x D7.5cm (2¼ x 3 x 3”). Plastic and stainless steel. 910279-9P £8 CHOPS & DICES QUICKLY & SAFELY G. MULTI CHOPPER Ideal for potatoes, carrots, peppers, cucumber and much more! Chops and dices. Comes with a removable storage box. Dishwasher safe. 077704-9P £15 F. ZIP SLICER Slices multiple small soft fruit or vegetables (such as tomatoes and grapes) in seconds. Soft grip handle. Extra safe design with no exposed blade. Simply place food inside the clear tube and side blade handle unit through to slice. Size H20 x W8cm (7¾ x 3¼”). Plastic and stainless steel. Easy to clean. 910295-9P £10 G. ONLY £15 Potatoes Carrots Courgettes Includes removable storage box with lid, chopper & cleaning net FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 63