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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


30 PIECE STORAGE SET A. ONLY £20 A. 30 PIECE STORAGE SET Assorted sizes, storage capacity from 100ml to 2L. Size of largest H6 x W28 x D17cm (2¼ x 11 x 6¾”). Size of smallest H6 x W6 x D6cm (2¼ x 2¼ x 2¼”). Containers (excluding lids) are microwave safe. 015237-9P £20 Contents ONE SIZE LID FITS 4 DIFFERENT SIZE CONTAINERS ONLY £15 ✔ Clip lock lids ✔ Airtight containers One side lid 830ml H6.3cm (2½“) 1050ml H7.7cm (3“) 68 B. SET OF 4 STORAGE TUBS WITH LIDS No more rooting around in your cupboards trying to find the right lid for the right container - one lid fits all 4 tubs! Use any of the 4 lids provided for any of the 4 containers. All tubs measure W18.2 x D13cm (7¼ x 5¼“) with varying heights Made from polypropylene. 791636-9P £15 1260ml 1460ml H9.2cm (3½“) H10.5cm (4¼“)

Microwaveable Storage Containers… C. STORAGE TUBS WITH VENTED LIDS Set of 6 versatile vented storage tubs. Great for storing leftover food. Flip-top lids make these ideal for reheating or cooking in the microwave. Also includes 4 FREE mini storage pots with lids (no vent). Ideal for storing small items such as nuts, dips etc. Set includes: ✔ 1 x 296ml tub L13 x W12 x D5cm (5 x 4¾ x 2”). ✔ 2 x 473ml tubs L13 x W12 x D8cm (5 x 4¾ x 2”). ✔ 1 x 710ml tub L18.5 x W17.5 x D5.5cm (7¼ x 6¾ x 2¼”). ✔ 1 x 1.2L Tub L18.5 x W17.9 x D9cm (7¼ x 7 x 3½”). ✔ 1 x 1.7L Tub L18.5 x W17 x D11.5cm (7¼ x 6¾ x 4¼”). Free set of 4 mini tubs, 118ml capacity. L8 x W7 x D6.5cm (3 x 2¾ x 2½”). Plastic. 910325-9P £19 C. STORAGE TUBS WITH VENTED LIDS ONLY £19 SET OF 6 New for you FREE set of 4 mini storage containers Vented lids for safe microwave cooking KITCHEN STORE & POUR D. ONLY £11 SET OF 5 Pour the perfect amount Slide to close D. STORE AND POUR SET Perfect for storing and pouring dry ingredients. Size of largest - H20 x W14.5 x D8.5cm (7¾ x 5¾ x 3¼”). Size of smallest - H12.5 x W9 x D5cm (5 x 3½ x 2”). 015016-9P £11 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 69