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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Simply replace the

Simply replace the filter when the COLOUR CHANGES A. COLOUR CHANGE HOOD FILTERS ONLY £8 PACK OF 2 Effective grease removing filter A. PACK OF 2 COLOUR CHANGE HOOD FILTERS For use in re-circulating hoods or cooker hoods linked to an outside air duct. Simply replace filter when the colour changes, and cut to size. L57 x W47cm (22½ x18½”). 010766-9P £8 B. OVEN CLEANING WIPES £6 18 WIPES PER PACK C. £5 BUY ONE & GET A 2ND PACK FREE ✔ Removes burnt-on dirt ✔ Ideal for hobs and work surfaces 6 With scrubbing nodules for better cleaning B. OVEN CLEANING WIPES Ideal for glass oven doors, ovens, hobs and microwaves too. With scrubbing nodules for better cleaning. 18 wipes per pack. Buy one pack and get another one FREE! 729230-9P £6 Includes 2 blades C. CERAMIC HOB SCRAPER INCLUDES 2 BLADES Removes all stubborn, dried-on stains and dirt from ceramic and glass. Safety slip proof handle edge and adjustable blade guard. Keep blade at a 30° angle when scraping away dried on stains. 790800-9P £5

D. £9 Place in the bag and pour in the solution POWERFUL & FAST cleaning every time! ONLY £9 CLEAN & PROTECT Before After D. OVEN MATE ‘JUST FOR RACKS’ CLEANER Includes 500ml solution and 1 bag. Bag size 65cm x 50cm (25½ x 19¾”). £18 per litre. 759740-9P £9 E. £6 .50 Before After Before After E. OVEN MATE GLASS & CERAMIC HOB CLEANER Contains neutralisers to remove lingering burnt-on odours. 300ml. £21.67 per litre. 061514-9P £6.50 F. OVEN MATE CLEANING GEL Perfect for removing even the most stubborn baked-on grease, oil and fat from ovens, grills, barbecues and pans. This powerful cleaner takes the effort out of cleaning - simply paint it on with the brush provided and watch it get to work. Not suitable for self cleaning ovens. 500ml. £18 per litre. 079871-9P £9 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 7