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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Durable 6-IN-1 OPENER

Durable 6-IN-1 OPENER Jars Ring Pulls A. ONLY £8 OPENS: ✔ Bottle Tops ✔ Cans ✔ Jars ✔ Ring Pulls ✔ Seals ✔ Screw Top Bottles Seals Bottle Tops Screw Top Bottles A. 6-WAY OPENER Opens jars, seals, canned drinks, bottle tops, ring pull cans and screw top bottle lids. Durable and compact for easy storage. Size 20 x 5cm (7¾ x 2”). 717517-9P £8 B. BATTERY OPERATED CAN OPENER £15 Opens cans automatically when side buttons are pressed C. JAR & BOTTLE OPENER ONLY £3 B. BATTERY OPERATED CAN OPENER Press the side buttons once and it will rotate anti-clockwise 360° to open. Requires 2 x AA batteries* (not included). Size L17 x W8.2 x D4.5 cm (6¼ x 3¼ x 3¾”). 918431-9P £15 C. JAR AND BOTTLE OPENER This cleverly designed, triple-size opener makes it much easier to open a variety of different sized jars or bottles, as it gives you a powerful grip to open even the tightest tops. L15.5 x W7 x H1.5cm (6 x 2¾ x ½”). 036900-9P £3 Comfy grip handles D. £9 D. MANUAL CAN OPENER Effortlessly gliding through metal, you’ll find it so easy and quick to use. Features comfortable grip handles. Size L21 x W5.5 x H4cm (8¼ x 2¼ x 1½”). 026611-9P £9 74 * For AA batteries, see page 55

HANDY KITCHEN HELPERS from only £4 E. MAGNETIC KITCHEN TIMER £8 F. HOT PLATE GRIPS ONLY £4 SET OF 2 New for you KITCHEN E. MAGNETIC KITCHEN TIMER This handy magnetic timer will stick to any metal surface. Made from aluminium and plastic. Times up to 1 hour. W4 x diam. 9cm (1½ x 3½”). 901717-9P £8 Set of 2 F. SET OF 2 HOT PLATE GRIPS Handling hot plates will be easier and safer with these hot plate grips. Safe up to 350°C. Made from silicone. Dishwasher safe. H2 x W7 x D6cm (¾ x 2¾ x 2¼”). 901709-9P £4 G. SET OF 4 BREAKTIME HOB COVERS G. SET OF 4 BREAKTIME HOB COVERS Suitable for electric hobs. Sizes: 2 setsof diam. 17.5cm (7”); 2 sets of diam. 21cm (8¼”). Do not use whilst hob is hot. 004286-9P £9 Goodbye to COOKING SPLATTER! H. SPLATTER GUARD Put a stop to those stubborn cooking splatters with this splatter guard. Diam. 29cm (11½”). 051063-9P £5 ONLY £9 SET OF 4 2 assorted designs H. SPLATTER GUARD £5 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 75