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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

COOK-IN BAGS Perfect for

COOK-IN BAGS Perfect for COOKING Meat & Veg A. PACK OF 16 OVEN ROASTING BAGS PACK OF 16 + 2 FREE ONLY £5 TOP TIP Should you want to improve the browning on your turkey, brush with vegetable oil or melted butter before placing in the oven bag. Try sprinkling lightly with paprika for some additional taste! ✔ No mess - easy to clean up ✔ Keeps food succulent ✔ Suitable for poultry, meat, fish and veg A. 16 OVEN ROASTING BAGS 16 Bags + 2 Turkey Bags FREE! Size of each standard roasting bag L35 x W28cm (13¾ x 11”). 722820-9P £5 C. MICROWAVE STEAMING BAGS £5 PACK OF 40 B. £5 10 METRES B. ROASTING ROLL A household must-have! Simply wrap your meat and vegetables in the film, scrunch the ends and twist! All those lovely juices will be retained. Oven safe to 200ºC. Roll size L10m x W45cm (32¾ft x 17¾”). 051535-9P £5 Perfect for steaming small amounts of veg in the microwave! C. 40 MICROWAVE STEAMING BAGS These bags allow you to steam cook in the microwave sealing in the taste for a healthier diet. Pack of 40 microwave steaming bags. Size of each bag L27 x W20cm (10½ x 7¾”). 083933-9P £5 Keeps flavour trapped inside D. £5 PACK OF 20 D. 20 FISH COOK-IN-BAGS A household must-have! These bags keep the flavours trapped inside and the fish from drying out. Size of each (unsealed) L29 x W16cm (11½ x 6¼”). 052124-9P £5 78

NEAT & TIDY OVENWARE SOLUTIONS E. NON-STICK CERAMIC COATED ROASTER £13 ONLY £7 .50 SET OF 2 KITCHEN F. MINI NON-STICK BAKING TRAYS New for you E. CERAMIC COATED ROASTER Carbon steel roaster with non-stick ceramic coating. Lightweight and easy to handle. Black body with white interior. Size H5cm x W37 x D25 x (2 x 14½ x 9¾”). 901741-9P £13 F. MINI NON-STICK BAKING TRAYS Ideal for smaller portions and individual meals. Deep sides to prevent spillage. Set of 2. Non-stick. Each tray measures H2 x W24cm x D18cm (¾” x 9½ x 7¾”). 912247-9P £7.50 Perfect for CRISPY CHIPS & ROAST POTATOES! ✔ Ridged and perforated to allow heat to circulate ✔ Cooks food evenly without turning G. CRISPER TRAY ONLY £9 G. CRISPER TRAY Allows heat and air to circulate round food making them perfectly crispy. Made from non-stick carbon steel. Lipped to one side for easy transfer of food from tray to dishes. Heat resistant to 260°C. L34 x W39 x H3cm (13¼ x 15¼ x 1¼”). 901725-9P £9 Lipped for easy pour FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 79