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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR OVEN SPACE A. ADJUSTABLE OVEN SHELF ONLY £11 ADJUSTABLE 35-60CM A. ADJUSTABLE OVEN SHELF Adjusts in width from 35 to 60cm (13¾ to 23½”) and is 31.5cm (12½”) deep. Chrome plated. 081175-9P £11 ✔ Creates extra oven space ✔ Adjusts to the width of your oven B. HEAVY DUTY OVEN GLOVE £7 .50 C. SILICONE OVEN SHELF GUARDS £8 .50 SET OF 2 No more burnt hands or arms 82 B. HEAVY DUTY OVEN GLOVE Made from 100% long lasting, heavy duty cotton. Size L72 x W18cm (28¼ x 7”). Machine washable. 034738-9P £7.50 100% Cotton C. SILICONE OVEN SHELF GUARDS Set of 2. Length of each is 35.5cm (14”). 051721-9P £8.50 Set of 2

SOAK UP EXCESS FAT and keep your grill pan nice and clean too! D. FAT TRAPPERS These disposable Fat Trappers turn grilling meat into a healthier option. The super absorbent pads soak up any excess fat from burgers, sausages, bacon, etc, and trap it inside. They’ll also help keep your grill pan clean. Size of each L35 x W19.5cm (13¾ x 7¾”). 051977-9P £6 D. FAT TRAPPERS ONLY £6 PACK OF 1O Absorbs fat into the pad KITCHEN Before Defrost meat quickly and easily without electricity After E. SUPER DEFROST TRAY £15 E. SUPER DEFROST TRAY Defrost meat quickly and easily without the use of electricity or chemicals. Size L35 x W20cm (13¾ x 8”). 014273-9P £15 F. FAT SEPARATOR JUG £5 G. REPLACEMENT GRILL PAN £18 F. FAT SEPARATOR JUG Rids gravy or sauce of excess fat. Made from heat resistant plastic. Capacity 300ml. 036382-9P £5 When the fat rises, simply pour the gravy from underneath Easy to clean, stainless steel rack G. REPLACEMENT GRILL PAN Hard-wearing vitreous enamel with easy to clean stainless steel rack. Detachable handle for easy storage. L40 x W23 x H4cm (15¾ x 9 x 1½”). 012033-9P £18 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 83