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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder


A. CHICK EGG TIMER ONLY £5 B. TOAST & GRILL BAGS £6 SET OF 6 Sits in water & changes from yellow to white when ready New for you A. CHICK EGG TIMER Perfect boiled eggs time after time. Sits in the water and detects how quickly your eggs are cooking. Changes colour from yellow to white to indicate when they are soft, medium or hard. H4 x W4 x D6cm (1½ x 1½ x 2 1½”). Glass. 910481-9P £5 No need for an extra poaching pan when you buy this insert! Can be used in grill B. TOAST AND GRILL BAGS Set of 6 reusable toast & grill bags. Perfect for toasting and grilling all kinds of snacks without any mess. Prevents food contamination. Each bag can be re-used up to 50 times. Non-stick. Size of each bag H17.5 x W16cm (6¾ x 6¼”). 754196-9P £6 D. SILICONE EGG RINGS ONLY £5 SET OF 2 86 C. EGG POACHING INSERT £8 Just pop the insert into a pan full of boiling water for quick and easy poaching C. EGG POACHING INSERT Perfect for poaching your eggs. Non-stick for easy cleaning. Made from carbon steel. Size H2.7 x diam. 16cm (1 x 6¼”). 777161-9P £8 D. SET OF 2 SILICONE EGG RINGS Made from heat resistant silicone, you’ll make perfectly shaped eggs every time! Diam. of each 9cm (3½”). 061174-9P £5

E. SILICONE EGG SET WITH TIMER £7 Silicone handle to safely lower and lift eggs from boiling water Submerge in boiling water Slowly changes to yellow when eggs are boiled Silicone egg basket with colour change egg timer E. SILICONE EGG SET WITH TIMER Perfect eggs every time. Includes handy silicone basket with handle to safely lower and lift up to 4 eggs in and out of boiling water. Egg timer gradually changes colour from red to yellow to indicate when eggs are going from soft to medium to hard. H13 x W13 x D13cm (5¼ x 5¼ x 5¼”). Made from silicone. 901695-9P £7 KITCHEN F. SILICONE POACH POUCHES ONLY £5 SET OF 2 New for you G. SILICONE TOAST TONGS ONLY £4 Perfectly poached eggs every time Retrieve toast or crumpets without burning fingers F. SET 2 POACH POUCHES Poaching made easy with no mess. Simply crack an egg into the pouch and place in boiling water to cook. Oven and microwave safe. Each measures H6.2 x Diam 9.2cm (2¾ x 3½”). Silicone. 910627-9P £5 G. SILICONE TOAST TONGS Heat resistant silicone tongs. Length 14.5cm (5¾”). 052736-9P £4 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 87