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Kleeneze SS17 V2 ICAT Binder

Straight edge for ease

Straight edge for ease of lifting ONLY £5 A. A. OMELETTE AND PANCAKE SPATULA Perfect for omelettes, pancakes, crêpes and more. Size L37 x W16cm (14½ x 6¼”). 098507-9P £5 Button to transform the style of whisk B. 2-IN-1 WHISK £11 Balloon style whisk for general whisking New for you Microwave tasty jumbo omelettes in seconds! C. JUMBO OMELETTE MAKER £5 Flat style whisk for sauces B. 2-IN-1 WHISK Can be used as a flat style whisk for mixing sauces, cream etc, or at the press of a button located in the handle, it transforms into a traditional balloon style whisk for volume liquid whisking. Length 24cm (9½”), expands to 29cm (11½”). Plastic handle and steel whisk. 910490-9P £11 D. EGG BEATER £5 88 C. JUMBO OMELETTE MAKER Cook a tasty omelette in a matter of seconds in your microwave. Closed dimensions L21.5 x W13cm (18½ x 5¼”). 054160-9P £5 Close lid and shake D. EGG BEATER Simply place egg in beater and shake gently for the perfect beaten egg. Takes up to 4 eggs. Ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip. Colours may vary from illustrated. Made from plastic. H12cm x W8cm (4¾ x 3¼”). 901687-9P £5

CREATE AMAZING CAKES with this 100 piece cake decorating kit only£10 E. New for you KITCHEN Decorate your cakes with style E. 100 PIECE CAKE DECORATING KIT Create amazing cakes with this 100 piece cake decorating kit. Set contains: 15 icing bags, bag retainer ring, 8 different nozzles, letter stencils, decorative stencils, letter holder, flower nail, applicator and a 3-profile icing knife. Includes handy storage case. Plastic. 910503-9P £10 NON-SLIP 360° TURNTABLE makes decorating easier F. DECORATING TURNTABLE £12 ✔ All you need to decorate a cake ✔ Includes handy carry case New for you G. SILICONE JEAN MUFFIN CASES £7 SET OF 4 Rotates 360° F. DECORATING TURNTABLE Makes decorating cakes easier. Turntable rotates to 360°. Includes non-slip base. Made from plastic. Size H10 x diam. 28.5cm (4 x 11¼”). 901857-9P £12 G. SET OF 4 SILICONE JEAN MUFFIN CASES Novelty little blue jeans silicon muffin cases. Fill with your cake mixture and as the buns rise up in the oven the mixture will tip over the edge and give you that “muffin” top. Size H5 x W7.6 x D6cm (2 x 3 x 2½”). Silicone. 910511-9P £7 FREE DELIVERY from your distributor 89