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A South County High School Stallion Days course catalog B



This course is designed to give students a hands-on experience with Robots, microprocessors and other things that STEM students work on all year long. If you like to tinker, build, or design this course is for you! This course is open to all students. Stepping Instructor: Mrs. Smith This is a high impact course for anyone who has an interest in stepping. All levels are welcome. Stress Management with Therapy dogs Instructor: Ms. Bruss & TBD This course is designed to help students manage stress in a positive way through interacting with therapy dogs. Students will learn how to cultivate positive lifestyle choices and gain some healthy tips to copy with daily stressors. This course is open to all students. Submarine Warfare: unrestricted Instructor: Mr. Haynes The justification for the use of unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany and the United States during World War One and Two. Review the laws of war covering unrestricted submarine warfare, the application of submarine warfare in both wars, and the net contribution and effeteness of the German and American submarine campaigns. Sustained Silent Reading Instructor(s): Ms. Corbin, Ms. Grabowsky & Ms. Harrison This course is designed for student who love to read but always put academics first and never gets that quiet time to read. This course is open to all students who want to read without disruption and rekindle their love of reading. Symphonic Band Full Rehearsal Instructor: Mr. Engdahl This is intended for members of the symphonic band ONLY to get extra rehearsal time on spring concert music Symphonic Orchestra Instructor: Ms. Lamons This work session is designed for all current Symphonic Orchestra students in preparation of the upcoming concert(s). T return to top Table tennis challenge Instructor(s): Ms. Saale & Mr. Noel Ping Pong or Table Tennis- Whatever you call it we got it!! A mini lesson on the game and then it’s on to some serious playing. Who will be the 1st ever SOCO Table Tennis Champ? Will it be you???

Travel to the end of the world Instructor(s): Mrs. Beckmann & Guest speaker Guest Teacher Sheila Cockey will take you to Patagonia, the southernmost point of South America. This is open to students in Spanish III and higher. Trig, it's Greek to me! Instructor: Mr. Pittelkau This course is designed to investigate how the Greeks did trig and to gain an understanding as to why the trig identities are what they are. This course is open to all students. Trivia Instructor(s): Mr. Greiling & Mr. LeFebure Have you heard of "It's Academic"? It's a game designed for HS students to compete against your peers to decide which school is superior! In this course, you will interact with several students in trivia scenarios such as Trivial Pursuit, its Academic and VHSL Scholastic Bowl. This course is open to any students interested in matching wits! T-shirt design Instructor(s): Ms. Fischer & Mr. Christie Design your own text, logo or image on a T-Shirt! Walk away with your very own personal statement! Have fun and look cool. TV Production: behind the scenes Instructor: Mr. Luther This course will provide you the opportunity to go behind the camera of the morning news show. Perhaps host a show like ESPN's "First Take" You will also learn how the morning news show actually works U return to top Understanding terrorism Instructor: Mr. Anderson This course is designed to provide students with an understanding the History of International Terrorism. Students will discuss and research the 5 major terrorist groups and modern acts of terrorism. This course is open to all students. United States Marine Corps Instructor: Mr. Crichton This course will serve as an overview of the USMC, including history, physical requirements, different military occupations, equipment, mission overviews, organization, and career paths both officers and enlisted can pursue. Student will participate in a Physical fitness test and/or combat fitness test as well as participate in discussions. This course is intended for anyone interested in enlisting in the Marine Corps, or becoming an office in the USMC.

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