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A South County High School Stallion Days course catalog B


Urban Planning - Making

Urban Planning - Making good decisions with digital maps Instructor: Mr. Monroe Have you ever wondered how your neighborhood and local area has been built up? In this course, you will use digital maps to find your home, and identify the residential, commercial, and public sectors that make up your community. Then, using principles of urban planning, you will plan growth and development in your local area for a sustainable future. US History and Mascots Instructor: Ms. Carey Ever wonder why the city of Pittsburgh picked the "Steelers" as a name? The significance of "Buccaneers" in Tampa or have you ever wondered why the University of Kansas came up with the "Jayhawks"? This class will take a look at the different types of mascots that both professional and college athletic teams have chosen to represent their organization. This course is open to anyone interested in sports and recommended for ELL 2's and above. V return to top Volleyball for all! Instructor(s): Ms. Saale & Mr. Smith Stop in and show off your skills and join us for a quick tutorial on the game and then on to some great game play. This is for both guys and gals. W return to top Weather and Nature's extremes Instructor: Ms. Maher This course will focus on understanding air masses, frontal systems and basic weather maps. Students will research unique weather patterns/storms and create short presentations on their selection. This class is open to all students and has an ELL 4 or higher recommendation. Web Design Instructor: Ms. Strong Students will be exposed to various online platforms to create a web site with resources on a current event. Students will share their topic by presenting their sites to the class. This course is open to all students.

Wrapping & Taping Instructor: Mr. Clark This course is designed for students interested in learning how to perform various wraps including compression wraps, and complete shoulder and hip spica wraps. Students will learn how to complete wrist, finger, thumb & ankle taping. This course is open to current sports medicine students or students interested in taking sports medicine. Y return to top Yoga for Athletes Instructor: Ms. Pannoni & Mrs. Tsuruta This course is designed for students to learn the background and health benefits of Vinyasa Flow yoga. Students will learn the basic poses and then try a guided flow practice. The course is open to all students but is especially beneficial to athletes. Vinyasa yoga is great for building upper body and core strength. You can't triple stamp a double stamp! Instructor: Mr. Sugimura Teaching the relevance of stamps and how they are important through real-life stories that describe the nuances of stamps and how they have played a vital role in explaining history, cultural differences and the past world-wide. This course is designed for anyone interested and/or curious to learn about stamps and their importance.

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