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A South County High School Stallion Days course catalog B


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C return to top Cake Decorating Instructor(s): Mrs. Pratt & Mr. Long This course is designed to provide students with basic techniques, working with buttercream, fondant roses or other flowers as well as decorative piping. This course is open to all students. Color Therapy Instructor(s): Ms. Fernandez, Ms. Oughton & Mrs. Miller Stressed out, Anxious, and/or like art of coloring, then this course is for you! Student can calm their minds and de-stress by using coloring as therapy to relax and manage stress levels. Color therapy is an opportunity to be creative, immerse yourself in a stress-less environment, AND have a finished product to showcase in your binder, your wall at home, and/or share with someone as a gift. This course is open to any/all students. Concert Band Full Rehearsal Instructor: Mr. Engdahl This is intended for members of the concert band ONLY to get extra rehearsal time on spring concert music Concert Orchestra Instructor: Ms. Lamons This work session is designed for all current Concert Orchestra students in preparation of the upcoming concert(s). CPR Instructor: Mr. Clark This course is designed as a training, NOT a certification course. Course will consist of lecture, and hands-on practice to demonstrate ability to complete tasks of CPR and using an AED. This course is open to all students. Crocheting: Cotton blanket Instructor: Mrs. Rizer Why cotton? Why crochet? I have made close to 100 blankets over 30 years. Crochet because it requires one hook, it’s easy and very relaxing. Cotton because it is soft, has more weight and breaths. I will provide hooks and cotton yarn. You could crochet a baby blanket in a few hours and wow the expectant mom. Cross Cultural Communications Instructor: Mr. Sugimura An opportunity for ESOL & Gen Ed students to meet, converse, and learn about each other. Open to all students.

Cursive instruction Instructor(s): Mrs. Armstrong & Mrs. Carroll This course is designed to serve as both a refresher and starter course for students interested in perfecting the lost art of cursive writing. This course is open to all students. D return to top DECA Competition (Advanced): Series, Team, & Written Events for Experienced Competitors Instructor(s): Ms. Scott & Ms. Hinkhouse Already an experienced DECA competitor? This course is designed for those who have already competed at the District, State, or International level, and are interested in trying a new event or learning more about what it takes to make the stage. DECA Competition: Series Events for Beginners Instructor(s): Ms. Scott & Ms. Hinkhouse Ever wondered about DECA Competition? Here is your chance to learn all about what it takes to compete in those events offered to first-time competitors in the principle and series categories. Deciphering NFL tiebreakers and clinching scenarios Instructor(s): Mr. Greiling & Mr. Brumet This course is designed for fans of the NFL who want to learn more about the math and logic behind how the NFL determines its clinching scenarios at the conclusion of the regular season. This course is open to all students. Decline of the EU: Brexit Simulation Instructor: Ms. Pyrak This course consists of a simulation that relates the decline of the EU to their everyday lives. Students will engage in decision-making processes that lead to "nationalist" decisions to illustrate why Brexit happened. This course is open to all students and has an ELL 3 or higher rating. Do you laugh? Then you can speak Spanish Instructor: Mrs. Beckmann In this course, students will build mini-dramas, "quick skits" that combine action and dialogue utilizing the Spanish language. This course is designed for any student currently enrolled in Spanish I or II. Driver's ED 2.0 Instructor: Mr. Gunderman A refresher course designed for students who are currently enrolled in the class, or who were enrolled in the class. Freshmen – too. This course will focus on the licensing process, including requirements for obtaining a permit, license and a replacement pink card.

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