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A South County High School Stallion Days course catalog B


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E return to top Electoral College: Keep it or Ditch it? Instructor: Mrs. Landrum This course will feature discussion, debate and a possible follow-up public opinion poll taken among informed electorate with an after-poll discussion of results. This course is designed to help students understand the purpose of the Electoral College, how it currently works, why it's still used, and what factors influence voting. This course is open to all students. Emergency first aid Instructor: Mr. Clark This course is intended to serve as a general first aid and first-responder care/responsibilities. The class will investigate real-life supplies and learn how to create supplies in real-life situations. This course is open to all students. En busca de Nemo en espanol Instructor: Mrs. Blumenthal This course is to enjoy the fabulous Nemo movie and its characters in Spanish. We will watch the original movie, in Spanish, and we will learn more about Nemo and his friends “en español”. Therefore, we can explore the coral reef and its marvels “en español”. If you want to have a good time, enjoy a fabulous movie and learn some Spanish, then this is the course you may want to attend. English 9 series (ESOL) Instructor: Mr. Wall Various lessons aimed at assisting and enriching ELL 1&2 students. F return to top Football fitness Instructor: Mr. Pannoni This course is designed for student athletes playing football that will focus on speed, agility, and quickness. This course is open to any student currently a member of the SCHS football program. G return to top Gardening 101 Instructor(s): Mrs. Byrum & Mrs. Baylor This course will focus on plants and where they grow best, hands-on planting around the school as well as multiple techniques utilized in successful gardens. This course is open to all students. Genealogy Instructor(s): Mrs. Lindner & Mrs. Watkins

This course is designed to provide students resources and tools to tell their ancestor's story with historical events. This course is open to any student who have ancestors that immigrated to America before 1900. H return to top Handmade Cards Instructor: Mrs. Cryer Once you start making your own cards, you will not want to stop. Come learn how to fold, cut, and decorate card stock to become beautiful works of art to give to the ones you love. Hip-Hop dance Instructor: Mrs. Smith Do you enjoy hip hop? If so, this course is for you. Students will learn how to incorporate hip hop moves into dance routines. History of Sports Team Names Instructor: Mr. Chiprut Ever wonder how and why sport teams get their names? This course is designed to delve into the past through a collection of short-stories and imagery to determine the origin of sport team names. This course is open to all students. History through film Instructor: Mrs. Pyrak This course is designed to showcase historical events with a comical twist. Students will create and film Historical Public Service Announcements, consisting of re-enactments and visuals which will be performed for the class. This class is open to all students interested in history and world events and is recommend for ELL 3 and above. Humans, Drugs and their Uses Instructor: Mr. McCormally This course is designed to bring a real-world context of how manufactured and natural drugs are part of history, society, and various cultures. This course is open to all students. I return to top Intro to Logic Puzzles Instructor(s): Mr. Greiling & Mr. Southard This course is designed to introduce students to several types of logic puzzles including, but not limited to, traditional logic puzzles with solution matrices, lateral thinking puzzles & other brain teasers, Sudoku & KenKen. This course is open to all students. It's as easy as riding a bike Instructor: Mr. Wise

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