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A South County High School Stallion Days course catalog B



This course is designed to provide information on bicycling, the history and different types. This course will focus on the benefits of exercise, information regarding local trails and courses, and local advocacy groups in the area. This course is open to all students. It's game time! Instructor(s): Mrs. Beckmann & Mrs. Wyman Come and play various games, both familiar ones and ones that are new, using simple terms in Spanish. Open to all Spanish students. J return to top Journalism: work sessions Instructor: Mrs. Floto Students will have the opportunity to continue working towards deadlines and other projects. This course is only open to current journalism students K return to top Knitting a scarf Instructor(s): Ms. Strong & Mrs. Hicks This course is designed to teacher students how to knit a scarf. Students will receive an overview on technique and best practices, and will complete the course by successfully knitting a scarf. This course is open to all students. L return to top Last minute Reading Prep (ELL&SWD) Instructor(s): Mrs. Miller & Ms. Cox This course is designed for students taking the Reading SOL. We’ll mix some last minute SOL prep in with some high interest reading activities to get you prepared for the big day! M return to top Magic and Alchemy Instructor(s): Mr. Madoo & Mr. Madoo The art of magic has been a part of human culture through the Ages. This course will give students a clear appreciation of the history of Magic (including Alchemy - the precursor to modern Science). Students will learn how to become a magician in all its nuances, including coins, cards, ball magic, and how to present in front of an audience. This course is open to all students.

Men's tournament Volleyball Instructor(s): Mrs. Barnhart & Mr. Gunderman Are you playing in the male volleyball tournament this year? Get your team together for some practice time before the big event. Offensive and defensive tactics will be covered. Lots of practice time too. Minecraft Education Instructor: Mr. Southard Minecraft: Education Edition is and open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination Modern Representations of the Ancient world Instructor(s): Ms. Procaccino & Ms. Moshos We’ll look at film and tv clips which portray or satirize ancient history and mythology. We will learn about the inaccuracies in these versions and examine why those stylistic choices may have been made. Some examples of activities will include the Latin spell names in Harry Potter books, and read the origins of the myths in the Percy Jackson books, and comparing the new Pompeii movie to the actual historical events. Music through a Spanish & French Lens Instructor(s): Mrs. Wyman & Mr. Ament This course is designed to step into the Spanish and French cultures by way of their music. Students will discuss and listen to several musical selections by investigating the lyrics and meaning behind them. Highlighted artists will include, Enrique Iglesias, Santana, and Jean-Jaques Goldman along with others. This course is open to all students. N return to top News - Real or Fake? Instructor: Mrs. Widmayer Become an informed digital citizen. Learn strategies for evaluating news, separating out fake news from real news, and responding to news on social media. Nonviolent self-defense Instructor: Mr. McCormally This course is designed to provide students with alternative means to deal with violent situations as well as an understanding of how these situations can ultimately be avoided. The class will also incorporate physical demonstrations of violent vs. non-violent altercations.

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