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A South County High School Stallion Days course catalog B


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P return to top Personal Fitness 101 Instructor: Mr. Pannoni This course is designed for any students who have never taken personal fitness, but want to see what it's all about. This course will provide basic information, an overview of safety procedures, and techniques on 1-2 core lifts. Pirate Fluxx Instructor(s): Mr. Greiling & Mr. Southard Aargh, for any scurvy scalawag who's interested in learning and playing. No landlubbers please! Podcasting Instructor: Ms. Sohn Learn more about interesting topics by listening to podcasts like Radiolab, This American Life, Invisibilia, The Moth, and Myths and Legends. Students will listen and discuss issues brought up in the podcasts. You will come away with cool facts about different phenomena and you will hear stories from the lives of unique people. You may even create and produce your own short podcast. This course is available all students and for ELL 3's and above. Public Policy and Memo Writing Instructor(s): Mr. Johnson & Mrs. Hick-Johnson This course is designed to allow all Government students the ability to focus on their public policy project and see it through conclusion. This course is open to any students currently enrolled in a Government class. R return to top Rapid Prototyping for Engineers Using 3D printing technology Instructor(s): Mr. Ebrahim & Mr. Hanna Have you ever wanted to build 3D models, but were afraid the software was too difficult to learn? Do you want to explore new frontiers in technology through 3D printing? This course will guide you through creating 3D models using an easy software that is also available online. You will learn to create a physical object utilizing MakerBot 3D printers. You will design and create a 3D object to take with you at the conclusion of the course. This course is available for all students. Residential Construction/trades Instructor: Mr. Crichton This course will be an overview of the residential home construction process from engineer stake-out, footers, foundation walls, framing, roofing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, painting, trim, carpentry, flooring, and finishing work. Tools of each trade will be on display and discussed along with some hands-on use of various tools. This course is open to all students.

S return to top SAT Math Prep Instructor: TBD Are you a student planning on taking the SAT/ACT in June 2017? Then this course is for you! The goal of this course is to help students feel more comfortable with the math sections on both exams, while also covering math concepts and test taking strategies. SC Concert Choir: mixed Instructor: Mr. Rodriguez The purpose of this course is to increase literacy skills through standard choral repertoire. This course will also teach you to properly sing with attention towards technique, tone, intonation, balance, and blend with an ensemble. Science Fiction Instructor: Mrs. Brody This class will focus on analyzing science fiction stories to determine their place in history and how to distinguish between good science fiction and poor science fiction. Students will free write and begin sharing their stories in class. Science Journalism 101 Instructor: Mrs. Brody Learn how to write a news story about a new scientific discovery. Find out whether a career in science journalism may be in your future. This class will feature discussions and investigations into scientific discovery that will lead to a short news story. Students will practice interviewing and presenting information. If you enjoy writing, science, and presenting information, this class will be fun! Learn how to get a science journalism career started now! Spoken Word: Form, Wordplay, Presentation Instructor: Mrs. Arnold This course would consist if modeling and teaching students the elements of writing poetry to be spoken in an emotional oratory of speech. It will teach the form of its poetic style, the craftsmanship of wordplay and impactful presentation to the audience. Students will write their own spoken word, present, and give verbal and non-verbal feedback and response. Sports nutrition Instructor(s): Mrs. Pannoni & Mr. Shroff This course is intended for anyone interested in how to properly fuel their body for sports performance and personal needs. This course will provide information on how athletes can properly fuel their bodies and learn good nutritional habits. This course is open to all students. STEM 101 Instructor: Mr. Long

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