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DoDI 5000.02, January 7,

DoDI 5000.02, January 7, 2015 (d) Documents required for the Development RFP Release Decision Point will be submitted no later than 45 calendar days prior to the review. These documents may have to be updated for final approval by the appropriate authority prior to Milestone B and any associated EMD contract awards based on the results of the source selection. For programs for which the DAE is the MDA, appropriate sections of the EMD RFP and its attachments will be reviewed by relevant OSD staff personnel in support of this decision point, after obtaining specific authority in writing from the cognizant contracting officer. (e) For MDAPs and major systems, the MDA will determine the preliminary LRIP quantity (or the scope of limited deployment for MAIS programs) at the Development RFP Release Decision Point. LRIP quantities will be the minimum needed to provide production representative test articles for operational test and evaluation (OT&E) (as determined by DOT&E for MDAPS or special interest programs), to establish an initial production base for the system and provide efficient ramp up to full-rate production, and to maintain continuity in production pending completion of operational testing. The final LRIP quantity for an MDAP (with rationale for quantities exceeding 10 percent of the total production quantity documented in the Acquisition Strategy) must be included in the first Selected Acquisition Report submitted to Congress after quantity determination. Table 5 in Enclosure 1 provides details about the Selected Acquisition Report. (f) For incrementally deployed software intensive programs, the MDA will determine the preliminary scope of limited deployment that will be adequate to evaluate fielding plan execution and support OT&E prior to a Full Deployment Decision for each capability increment. (g) Decisions resulting from the Development RFP Release Decision Point will be documented in an ADM. The ADM will document specific criteria required for Milestone C approval including needed test accomplishments, LRIP quantities, affordability requirements, and FYDP funding requirements. Table 2 in Enclosure 1 of this instruction identifies the requirements that must be satisfied at this review. (7) PDR. During the TMRR Phase, and unless waived by the MDA, a PDR will be conducted so that it occurs before Milestone B and prior to contract award for EMD. The timing of the PDR relative to the Development RFP Release Decision Point is at the discretion of the DoD Component. The Component should balance the need for more mature design information to support source selection with the costs of either: (1) extending multiple sources’ design activities from the PDR until award of the full EMD contract or (2) having a gap in development prior to EMD award. Unless waived by the MDA, PDR results will be assessed by the MDA prior to the MDA Certification and Determination pursuant to section 2366b of Title 10, U.S. Code (Reference (g) (h)) and Milestone B approval for MDAPs (hereafter, U.S. Code citations are presented as [title #] U.S.C. [section #], e.g., “10 U.S.C. 2366b”). Table 6 in Enclosure 1 of this instruction lists required waiver documentation and actions. (8) Milestone B Change 2, 02/02/2017 26

DoDI 5000.02, January 7, 2015 (a) This milestone provides authorization to enter into the EMD Phase and for the DoD Components to award contracts for EMD. It also commits the required investment resources to the program. Most requirements for this milestone should be satisfied at the Development RFP Release Decision Point; however, if any significant changes have occurred, or if additional information not available at the Development RFP Release Decision Point could impact this decision, it must be provided at the Milestone B. Milestone B requires final demonstration that all sources of risk have been adequately mitigated to support a commitment to design for production. This includes technology, engineering, integration, manufacturing, sustainment, and cost risks. Validated capability requirements, full funding in the FYDP, and compliance with affordability goals for production and sustainment, as demonstrated through an independent cost estimate (ICE), are required. The framing assumptions central to shaping the program’s cost, schedule, and performance expectations are also required. (b) Milestone B is normally the formal initiation of an acquisition program with the MDA’s approval of the Acquisition Program Baseline (APB). The APB is the agreement between the MDA and the Program Manager and his or her acquisition chain of command that will be used for tracking and reporting for the life of the program or program increment (see section 4 in Enclosure 1 of this instruction for additional policy regarding APBs). The APB will include the affordability caps for unit production and sustainment costs. Affordability caps are established as fixed cost requirements equivalent to KPPs. (c) At the milestone, the MDA will finalize the following, if not already completed: applicable. 1. The Approve the LRIP quantity or the scope of limited deployment, as 2. The Specify the specific technical event-based criteria for initiating production or making deployment decisions. 3. Decide whether to accept any Program Manager information waiver requests for the next decision event. 3 4. Document decisions in an ADM. (d) Table 2 in Enclosure 1 identifies the statutory and regulatory requirements for Milestone B. (9) EMD Phase (a) Purpose. The purpose of the EMD Phase is to develop, build, and test a product to verify that all operational and derived requirements have been met, and to support production or deployment decisions. (b) Phase Description Change 2, 02/02/2017 27

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